Fresh electricity supplier get together, so many difficulties in how to break through

more and more electricity supplier enterprises to carry out fresh electricity supplier, however, although China is a large agricultural country, but a lot of agricultural problems, take the road of emerging electricity supplier, the problem encountered is not small.

look at the current situation of Agriculture:

the process of China’s agricultural industry: the process of transition from decentralized to order based agriculture

At this stage of

, the direct representation is: "two ends are called the middle smile". In the past China agricultural industry is scattered and sold, although for rice and other food crops have protective policies, but the relationship is not established with growers direct users, dealers access cost, information asymmetry. Circulation of agricultural products, the loss of the two ends called the middle laugh circle was criticized.

agricultural products from farmers to consumers in general after 4 to 6 links, including farmers – buyers – wholesale market – Transport – wholesale market – distribution to supermarkets, markets or farmers markets, each additional circulation, the cost will be increased from 5% to 10%, plus various taxes and management fees. Circulation costs accounted for about half the price of vegetables. Therefore, it is necessary to open up the agricultural sector through the order mode information bridge. Avoid because of consumer information asymmetry and operation status of farmers, poor efficiency, so as to promote the circulation of agricultural products by dispersion to the order type of agricultural transformation.

brand: agricultural regional brand of agricultural popular, low efficiency of

many varieties of agricultural products in China, high yield, one side of the soil and water to nurture the geographical characteristics of a party spawned a large number of special agricultural products. For example: Shennongjia wild chestnut, the Great Wall wild chestnut, northeast of rice, millet, Shanxi pear Hebei, Xishuangbanna pomelo, Xinjiang raisins, West Lake Longjing Tea and so on, these agricultural brand, only local brand, no brand. But there is a shoddy, brand confusion, uneven quality, it is difficult to form the scale effect and economic effect, to adversely affect the enterprise energy and financial resources.

brand can not be confined to the region, for example, the "Dole" (Dole) of banana and pineapple product price is high, and the regional independent, but with good reputation sold worldwide. In contrast, Chinese regional brands such as "northeast rice", "Hainan banana" in the brand transfer value is very weak. The actual situation of the present is the weakness of agricultural brand building in China, there are few high value agricultural brand, agricultural brand building or a blue ocean, which is the agricultural enterprise to establish brand excellent opportunity of e-commerce.

look at the difficulties of agricultural e-commerce:

first, repair the basic skills of weak enterprises.

is an enterprise information infrastructure is weak, Chinese traditional agriculture rely on artificial management, the IT application level is relatively low, most agricultural enterprises even the basic enterprise management information system is not building, or even simple information management system, but only as a bookkeeping tool for the use of information data of a serious shortage of.