38 section of the electricity supplier to kill the red eye Baidu Nuomi hit 100 million melee

you get 62% off movies, dining, I simply to a 63% off, and a shot is "hit" 1 hundred million Taobao! In "62% off" trigger after users crazy candid yesterday, Baidu Nuomi is adding "Jianghu scrimmage" beyond all expectations: March 7th "girl day", "63% off to pay 1 billion dollars to idle away in seeking pleasure" who would have thought that this is a "38 day", even students staged a "business battle"


has a drama called "all women", and now, the electricity supplier was also a hard fight, in order to please female users: because women online shopping is the main, the so-called "woman who in the world"……

you make "62% off"

Nanjing, a cinema wrapped up?

usually watch a movie, then discounted to tens of dollars. "Good" female burn took only 3.8 yuan". Originally, this is Taobao mobile phone to engage in "38 life", known as the March 8th package more than and 300 theaters, Nanjing and other city of more than and 200 KTV and more than and 800 restaurants have many rounds of panic buying in March 8th before the arrival on time every day, as long as users "Dundian", you can grab 3.8 yuan movie tickets. 3.8 yuan KTV rooms, and restaurants to enjoy 62% off discount.

reporter saw Nanjing to participate in the "38 Life Festival" cinema there Xinjiekou Wanda cinema, Lumiere studios 20 green cinema. If you go to the cinema to see a film tomorrow, you will probably not be able to get a ticket. Do not believe you can see, a cinema in Nanjing yesterday issued a warning: "micro-blog audience on March 8th, Nanjing international studios 1-8 hall as taobao.com activities, hall 9 normal ticket. If you have any inconvenience, please forgive me! "

I’m "63% off"

, who has more than the "nouveau riche"


3.8 yuan, 62% off to celebrate the "Match 8 Women’s Day" so users are delighted, did not expect the more awesome "nouveau riche" appeared: yesterday, joined Baidu Nuomi, to celebrate the 37 girls section, a PK positive start.

Yangzi Evening News reporter saw at Baidu Nuomi micro-blog: "today, glutinous rice nets officially upgraded to @ Baidu Nuomi! March 7th crazy to play three days, 130 of the city, the movie KTV hotel catering 3.7 yuan, hit 63% off, crazy let 100 million." The network says there are 731 cinemas in the event,, KTV, and more than 7 thousand restaurants. At the same time, Baidu Nuomi also from the restaurant and hotel in the selected part of the group, the group price fell to the original price of 63% off.

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Unisex grab grab grab grab really hey skin

is like the "two" in the taxi software battle, the "nouveau riche" melee electricity supplier is also bad music users. Yesterday, the Yangtze Evening News reporter found in the interview, intends >