Taobao merchandise sales and evaluation of the alleged sale of praise you dare to believe it

consumers rely on sales of goods, evaluation and other information on the Internet can actually be traded –

online shopping, you dare to believe "praise"? (people’s livelihood)

"Wangpo saying, puff, merchants love self promotion, the no ground for blame. Because online shopping has a visible, touch, can not try, the characteristics of the consumer’s decision will be more dependent on the purchase of other buyers evaluation. However, there are a lot of sellers moving from the brain, through the manufacture of false transactions to buy praise, the rapid increase in their own rankings in the short term. This is called scalping behavior is how to carry out the adverse impact on the operating environment of the network, how to effectively punish?.

– editor

– a few hundred dollars can buy sales and praise

consumers believe "praise" fooled, and trustworthy sellers "lost" out of the market

"user evaluation before buying, said were particularly good quality, can open the courier box look can not eat!" Yunnan Kunming college student Cao Yiming recently on Taobao to buy a box of sugar rose, apart after they found in a box of candy wrappers are glued together, scattered on the side. "With the picture so far, even the paper didn’t wrap it not more health ah. But the other party said the food sold will not return!

let Cao can not understand is that this shop in the same sort of Taobao’s first comprehensive business, sales and scores are quite high, most users have given praise. "I used to look at the sales of online shopping, scoring and user evaluation to select items, this information is really more and more unreliable." Cao Yiming said.

compared with Cao, often online shopping Shandong Weifang white-collar Qiu Yang for scalping has become accustomed to, she also summarized some distinguished scalping online shopping tips: "if each evaluation in the one hundred or two hundred word, also with pictures, this shop is not credible. If it wasn’t for the seller’s request, how many people would have written so long a comment with pictures?." In addition, a short period of additional evaluation, evaluation of the content of the hole, not directly describe the goods, are the basis for her judgment brush.

just graduated from a university in Fujian, Lin Sisi told reporters, in order to avoid being deceived by the false evaluation, she will try to choose a fixed number of stores in the online shopping. While shopping in a strange shop, she will also use Taobao opened the ask everyone function, to buy the goods before the customer directly to ask questions, in order to get the most authentic evaluation.

in the online shopping environment, due to the greater degree of information asymmetry, consumers can only rely on the decision to contact the external information, that is, sales, evaluation and other data to make judgments." Zhang Geng, associate professor of international economics and trade, Xiamen University, said, brush single behavior distorts the judgment of the consumer base, to induce them to make a wrong decision, the consumer’s online shopping experience is bound to be greatly affected.