Larry domain.CN enabled B2C e-commerce website construction

it is reported that Larry domain has recently launched independent enabled e-commerce website purchase network


Whois query understanding, domain name registered in 2006 in October, the domain name holder as Wu Aizhou, the current mainstream suffix domain name are held for others. domain has a double meaning. Take the purchase, purchase, purchase as the site name holder selection. Instructions to create its own B2C brand, such as music amoy. shoes Jingdong. Some time ago, Metersbonwe spent 2 million 300 thousand to buy "state purchase" phonetic domain and domain creative. According to the disclosure of the domain name intermediary, domain name transaction price of 1 million 400 thousand yuan, transaction price of $900 thousand. Last week, the red child mall 290 thousand purchase bin purchase Pinyin domain name

most of the electricity supplier companies are actually love Pinyin domain name, such as (, Jingdong (, Taobao Mall (, Amoy shoes (, as the purchase (, visible in China, domain name is a main choice for electricity providers and other network stations.