Electricity supplier and fight saliva battle is actually price war


these two days, both online and offline for the Suning and Gome again Diamond cuts diamond. From the major electricity supplier of speech is not difficult to find, the electricity supplier competition triggered at any moment, the "price war" will be upgraded to a "more profound" value competition "".

suning.com: "youth declaration"

suning.com executive vice president Li Bin took the lead in the micro-blog published a poem entitled "youth declaration". According to Suning insiders, this song impassioned poem is Li Bin suning.com in the spring will be deployed on the impromptu speech. The source also said that April is the electricity supplier industry is experiencing a traditional war season, new year’s day, Spring Festival peak consumption, the whole society consumption needs to have a buffer period; two is the major electricity providers have made many changes in the new year, a quarter of the time to complete the layout of last year suning.com in April with the breakdown of the whole network cheap, why East West Amoy network activity set off a price war, this year is no exception.

Li Bin stressed that "consumers can not only buy affordable goods from suning.com, but also can enjoy " online orders, the line from mentioning " and " line experience, online purchase of " convenience." According to reports, Suning stores + + retail service providers’ cloud provider model will be the first landing in April, suning.com is planning to quickly return service from mentioning goods delivery subsidies and non electrical products from stores, consumers gradually improve the line experience.

Gome online: "

" electric eulogy

Mou Guixian, chairman of Gome online release of "eulogy" business is verified by this year’s electricity supplier war jiqiangkaida. The more than 1 thousand and 200 word "eulogy" first express business status of the group purchase website, vertical B2C, price war, industry deep concern and worry and future development, but also the release of the price war is no longer the main signal electricity supplier development, and is represented by supply chain Gome ", to provide high quality products to provide users with a complete; the logistics system, to provide comfort to enjoy the shopping experience for the user; further improve service quality, improve customer service efficiency of communication……" In fact, the United States has online through the official micro-blog announced the anniversary Month activities will be officially opened in April 8th, the same as the relay Gome’s Kuba network seven anniversary promotional activities.

Jingdong, Yi Xun: competition is about to start

as for Jingdong, Yi Xun and other electricity providers have earlier expressed a new round of competition is about to start, but this round of competition is no longer the keyword price but the value". Jingdong chief marketing officer Lanye announced that Jingdong will not store the pursuit of pure price competition.

although the major electricity providers have denied the price war, but the industry believes that the electricity supplier put forward value competition in the early performance will be price war". Electricity supplier analyst Tang Yi pointed out that last year’s price war so many consumers >