When the grass root met fresh that the price is too expensive to buy me

introduction: your biggest problem is fresh.


mode is becoming more and more diversified electricity providers to lazy people brought the ultimate shopping experience. In the make life more convenient, so that the problem is simpler, the electricity supplier has an indelible contribution. But the electricity supplier to solve the problem is not a single shopping, buy and sell just a representation, it is always the most realistic solution, the most dynamic demand, which is where it is close to the people.

development of the Internet today, the increasingly fierce competition, all Internet companies are invariably start staking grand busy layout, seize the user traffic entrance, to seize the market, seize the blue ocean, which led directly to the electricity supplier change, will be extended to the diversified service model. Community O2O, community retail fast delivery, a time has become the mouth of the so-called professionals in the mouth". Fresh O2O as a branch of the community O2O naturally attracted much attention.

as a standard dead house, I am very concerned about this information, because they directly determine the number of times I go out of the house. Fresh electricity supplier if done in place, I do not have to go to the market to buy food.

fresh electricity supplier is not new, early Taobao with fresh channel, I buy, shop No. 1 is not missing, as for the Tootoo commune, food, fresh home is more like to be too numerous to enumerate. Jingdong to expand the product category, the layout of O2O, fresh as the lead soldier, resulting in fresh electricity through Jingdong this wave of life again.

but these fresh electricity supplier and I have nothing to do with the dead house.

the reason is very simple, because I’m not only a dead house, is also a grass root, I am not what money, money means not the pursuit of quality of life. Throughout the fresh electricity supplier website online, they are without exception, all hang three eye-catching labels – organic, green, ecological. These three words express a meaning – safe and high quality, the direct result of that is – expensive!

there’s a phenomenon that has to be raised. Electricity supplier is widely welcomed by the people, one is that it can bring convenience to people’s lives, two of its commodity prices tend to be cheaper than the market line. Whether it is electronic products, or grain and oil snacks, more and more people are attracted by the price of online shopping. But fresh is an exception. Some people would say that fresh products are different from other products, once the food safety problems for the entire platform is a devastating disaster. So this sensitive point relates to food safety, all fresh electricity are taken care of, they will be the sources of goods consistent locked in the organic farm (fruit / vegetables), ecological base (aquatic / meat), imported. Such a high-end channel doomed the price of expensive.

expensive, fresh electricity supplier is the biggest problem.

in addition to the commodity itself is expensive, logistics prices is also a problem. Fresh, fresh