Clothing e-commerce marketing have to sell

in recent years, many garment enterprises to seize the information era of surging business opportunities, take great strides forward in the field of electronic commerce, and has good performance. From a number of outstanding cases, you can sum up a successful rule: clothing business e-commerce, all the work carried out around the center of the experience economy. The full understanding of the experience economy is the guarantee of the smooth development of clothing enterprises on e-commerce. In recent years, the industry in the search from the A new force suddenly rises. autonomous B2C mall, is the best embodiment of this law.

clothing networking needs a better business platform

so-called experience economy, that is, to focus on the value of the service to the enterprise, the commodity as the carrier, to create a deep feeling for customers. In the mode of experience economy, the subjective value is greater than the objective value, the subjective feeling is higher than the objective existence of the commodity. Clothing as a special commodity, its intrinsic value has exceeded my body cold function, it has become an important means of people’s pursuit of fashion and taste, with multiple value orientation. Costume includes not only tangible value, but also intangible value, such as artistic value, reputation value, time value and so on. The multiple value determines the properties of clothing, is not only the product itself, more important is its rich connotation behind, is the pursuit of the buyer service value, not only to buy goods, the value of the emotional satisfaction feel more can provide additional price of clothing from service experience in garment enterprises.

clothing network services for customers to bring a new consumer model – experience + consumption". Therefore, in the clothing business planning and development of e-commerce, we must take the customer experience as the core, in the various departments of the enterprise and the entire operation process fully reflected.

B2C e-commerce is based on the website, powerful, with a good user experience of the site is the basis for the success or failure of clothing e-commerce. The electronic commerce, the traditional clothing enterprises are laymen, adapt to characteristics of the Internet and make full use of congenitally deficient. Many just shop, the fatal drawback is that the user experience is poor, lack of scalability, the development of space is extremely limited. In this regard, e-commerce service providers with the technical strength and rich experience, the design and development of e-commerce sites will become more flexible, personalized and easy to operate. For example, search widget technology, providing website design and development mode of low cost and high quality for the enterprise. In the autonomous B2C mall offers more than 200 thousand micro parts, clothing enterprises can use these widgets freely drag collage, self built each page and backstage management system. This combination of small pieces of the way to build the site, can fully meet the customer’s shopping habits, greatly enhance the user experience, with a good customer experience, there is a source of profit and development space.

rules of the Internet economy requires clothing enterprises to learn effective integration of resources, which is to enhance the core competitiveness of the inevitable measures. Small and medium-sized clothing, wealth, information technology is weak, so we must learn to integrate resources. Small and medium garment for e-commerce development and