Tengyun bath management software how to set up the staff scheduling technicians

bath technicians are the most difficult to manage, especially the store peak, appeared on the clock business will technician chaos, guests will also complain that the waiting time is too long! And if not lead to excellent technicians technicians compane, loss for bath will cause some loss.

bath center technicians how to manage? Occupy the market share of the top three of the foot Tengyun / bath management software, professional foot bath / solution management technician to solve the difficult problem of the bath center


foot management software technician Tengyun division of sub divisions, bells, clock room can handle peak effective arrangements, timely and quickly. Technicians on the clock full of intelligence, financial statements clear, so that the management of bath managers easily manage this piece of


recently, jcipc technology engineers said there are many customers: employee scheduling software Tengyun foot technician is how to set the scheduling by the employee according to the technician? Weeks or monthly row row, also can according to the store to customers to set. Specific operations are as follows:

1, open the software interface, select the "technician management" – "employee scheduling", "employee scheduling settings pop-up window, the corresponding settings according to the needs of.


bath "employee scheduling software display settings window interface

store business is good, many tourists, services and technicians rush, technicians on the clock is not timely, not in service can not improve compane…, greatly reduce the efficiency. Foot bath / Tengyun software industry’s first intelligent wireless clock is the perfect solution, voice clear and clock clock control allows you to the waiter and the technician has everything in good order and well arranged. More details can be made to better understand the official website


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