Class micro-blog salon Quebec value micro-blog marketing to e-commerce

yesterday day very clever, November 11, 2010, is a legend in the singles, the Tencent was also 12 years old birthday, congratulations on the Tencent Happy birthday! Yesterday afternoon received an email to my brother Zhi Bin said the Tencent # micro-blog # salon Thursday night’s first phase, topic discussion marketing, will buy the company the meeting room in good music, when the length of 1.5 to 2 hours. Tencent micro-blog department heads will quietly come to the scene, and invited the relevant person in charge of outstanding enterprises. Sharon will focus on long-term marketing micro-blog, third party development, application and other core areas. Welcome attention. No fancy, only white water cup, with the first hand data and experience etc..

I have been optimistic about the future development potential of micro-blog, especially Tencent micro-blog, integrated in the QQ client, the other is the viscous network company does not have the advantage, and they support the business and enterprise registration and certification, it has more than Sina, micro-blog open, corporate brand building and famous the building will be more rapid. This time to participate in the salon, the main purpose is to buy micro-blog through the use of good music in the end of the Tencent, in the end what the benefits brought to e-commerce companies, how to make full use of.

good music to buy SOHO building in Sanlitun 3D 15, where the office environment is great, strong commercial atmosphere, when I came, has gathered a lot of friends in the industry. After all the people sit down, first by the development of good music to buy the market manager Luo Min began to introduce good music to buy friends, Li Shu resume, the original good music to buy early only two people, one is 80 Li Shuyou, who is starting in October 2007 of the traditional shoes industry experienced 70, followed by. Their data statistics of the actual Tencent micro-blog buy to bring good music to the traffic and conversion rate. Let me feel very surprised that in a short period of time, good music to buy the number of listening has been 540 thousand of the order of magnitude, the average daily amount of imports of IP of the amount of about 50 orders.

Xu Zhibin speech can be said to continue to show multiple dry cargo, through their data, statistical data analysis, the registered Tencent micro-blog account base is the largest, the Tencent micro-blog, many enterprises have established a lot of his official micro-blog, Zhi Bin said according to 10 million micro-blog now daily number.

through private communication with Zhi Bin himself, the Tencent micro-blog micro-blog marketing summary below:

more dry dry cargo

1, the future of micro-blog open, has been unstoppable. He quoted me future Tencent micro-blog will open in a complete mess.

2, enterprise micro-blog account, the proposal is: Celebrity account, the official account, employee account linkage, supplemented by the activities of the strategy.

3, content management is very important, a lot of account inside chatter useless, resulting in a large number of good fans loss. The focus of the valuable content will continue to attract more fans.

4, fans >