E – commerce network marketing strategy is what

do SEO basically and e-commerce can pull on the relationship, after all, the purpose of SEO is to search engine marketing (SEM), a site to get up, no doubt SEO accounted for the largest share. Of course, some people say grasping the demand of well site, and television advertising hit tricks. After all, the Internet based SEO website, the lame you will find a phenomenon: the sky thunder, Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles., but the sky is still hazy, but no rain falls down fully and delightfully — cannot penetrate into the public mind, and no stamina, after the thunder people soon forget, even people unaware I do not know.

but the content of SEO in e-commerce is how much it is to do SEO friends feel heavy weight, almost e-commerce war is SEM war. This is the situation of e-commerce, in addition, there is still a very broad world. Some time ago to learn about the Taobao business war, among other things, you think of a product to sell to millions of sales need how much time? Some of the Taobao Juhuasuan on a week to do, of course this is shopping, but the market is still the same, can generate profits. Look at some of the brand’s sales case, this is a real sales War (of course, sales promotion means always exist in sales), in the short term to reach over one million sales. In the final analysis is one thing – as much as possible to get the flow of shoppers entrance, and the use of marketing tools to complete the transformation. In fact, the search engine optimization is also to get traffic entrance.

so what channels in e-commerce for traffic entrance it?

SEM+CPS+ navigation

SEM do not have to say —- pay promotion and optimization, and do not have to emphasize, no one doubts its effect.

CPS is also more familiar with the Commission is a collection of cooperation, also known as the alliance, including portals, community promotion, micro-blog share sales, etc..

navigation, of course, is the navigation site, because the proportion of its use less, many people may forget this crop. First from the traffic, such as hao123, so far every day from hao123 on the flow of Baidu led to 20 million. From the price, a navigation site with a link to the hundreds of thousands, and on a monthly basis, convenient adjustment. Hao123 is the direct auction, the highest bidder.

some other sales methods

EDM+ coupon + full channel

EDM (Email Direct Marketing), coupons, all channels believe that these are not necessary to say. As for word of mouth marketing, this can not be said to be specific, it can only be said that it is a goal, related to each link.

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