Tmall supermarket tactics Beijing area 1 cents shopping

following 1 billion yuan subsidy, Tmall supermarket in Beijing, there are big moves, from September 16th to 26, as long as consumers in the Beijing area can be sold on Tmall supermarket shopping.

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it is understood that today, consumers can buy 1 cents in Beijing, milk, paper towels, toothpaste, laundry liquid, eggs, grain and oil in any kind of goods in the 1. September 26th years ago, consumers can only spend 1 cents to buy a variety of explosive goods, a total of 1 million copies, and enjoy the buy one get one and other concessions.

Tmall supermarket North District Director Cheng Shaoxiong, Tmall cash envelopes supermarket in Beijing launched a long-term benefits, on this basis, according to consumer data, consumers selling goods through the event focused on the feedback.

we do not do a simple or promotional activities in Beijing, the purpose of the promotion is to establish an emotional connection with consumers in Beijing." Cheng Shaoxiong said. Obviously, Tmall supermarket to Beijing as a strategic.

it is understood that Tmall supermarket has been operating since March 2012, the first is similar to the Tmall mall merchants settled mode, do their own platform, but because consumers can not "single distribution" in store orders, high operating costs, after transfer of proprietary supermarket model, the main "one-stop shopping". At present, Tmall supermarket is the use of Vientiane and three party logistics.

Tmall supermarket official data said that since September, the overall turnover of the Beijing region grew by more than 10 times, of which the amount of mobile terminal transactions grew by nearly 15 times.


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