Buy food network quietly popular network let us fast-paced life

click on the mouse, select the desired side dishes, there are special door-to-door, which is to buy food network, life becomes more convenient and quick. Recently, Shanghai, Nanjing and other places have emerged such shopping network. Under the financial crisis, "online shopping" rise of this phenomenon are many white-collar workers, in order to concentrate on work, have chosen "online markets", save time, save time and cost.

however, the "king of money" a good shopping network has also appeared in different degrees praised situation, therefore, the innovation of management mode, adopt diversification strategy may be to achieve rapid development of a good size.

as a small B2C, each city quietly popular shopping network.

With the popularity of

e-commerce, the trend of online shopping is becoming more and more obvious. The net that buy food as a form of online shopping, similar to the online program, a detailed classification of goods, merchandise display, online ordering, online payment, delivery, like a small B2C. Xiamen Lemei shopping network, Beijing buy vegetables, fruits and vegetables, "Hangzhou day with fresh vegetables, Guangzhou online food market…… "Online food market" have appeared in major cities, the virtual "food market" has become the people’s lives in the market, favored by white-collar workers. In Shanghai to buy food network home page, we can see the online ordering, 24 hours a day ordering service, the words, lists the details of the four categories of goods, the purchase of the same way as Taobao online shopping.

Nanjing to buy food network Nanjing agricultural supermarket network will also be formally launched on May. And other provinces to buy food network is different, Nanjing agricultural supermarket network is managed by the Nanjing Municipal Bureau of agriculture and forestry. After the completion of the network station, the public can not only online ordering, but also check the Nanjing hundreds of green, pollution-free and organic agricultural production, quality and sales information. "Compared with the market price, the price of online ordering may be slightly higher." Shi Zeping, director of the Municipal Forestry Bureau, said. Retail, customers can reach the day when the world orders.

can be seen, as a way to buy online shopping online shopping, because of its convenience, the major cities in the country quietly popular.

market potential, buy food network money king promising.

every day after work, at least 6, 7 o’clock to get home, the general market is generally closed at 6 points, rare to eat fresh vegetables." Miss Chen, a company said. Since the discovery of the online food market, she tried to order from the internet. I did not expect to really quite convenient, the delivery staff will be ordered to send my food on time, and no longer have to worry to the market to go, and save time to save the fare."

indeed, office workers, the situation is similar to Miss Chen minority. "Every morning at 7, after an hour’s journey, came to the company, began to work. Very hard to get off work, crowded subway, bus, and then after an hour finally home. Tired, then hurried to


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