The analysis of e-commerce development difficulties of auto parts market

as more and more traditional industries constantly engaged in e-commerce, the auto industry momentum of rapid development of e-commerce, e-commerce platform website such as a large number of auto parts industry China auto parts network, cool distribution network such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, from scratch, from there to many. Electronic commerce benefit shows in two aspects: one is to use the auto industry to improve customer service level, the two is to reduce the operating costs of enterprises. In the vigorous development of the information industry today, as a traditional industry, the auto parts market can realize the informationization, can obtain benefits in electronic commerce, there are many difficulties.

the Internet with its unique advantages has been the traditional industry attention, all walks of life have been introduced with the features of electronic commerce solutions, auto parts industry is no exception, many auto parts manufacturers sales business in the test of electronic commerce, but because of the current characteristics of auto industry, the auto industry can apply to electronic commerce related products are less, and many are not perfect, so many businesses are confused, the starting point in the field of enterprise in the information revolution can not find uneasy, worry about competitors use e-commerce and jiezu Xiandeng, threw himself in the back.

China’s auto parts industry development of e-commerce started late, although most enterprises are connected to the Internet, but most are still mainly in enterprise introduction, product samples of the primary stage, some enterprises have the homepage of online sales, but not a implementation of the scheme, this is because the auto product attribute decision two is the status quo of the automobile industry Chinese decision. According to the development of China’s current situation, for consumers, the car is still high-end goods, auto parts is still relatively unknown, for the purchase of auto parts online there are still many concerns and uncertainties. In addition because of the reality in Chinese personal credit system is not perfect, at the same time, many problems of auto parts industry itself (such as counterfeit and three goods) is not possible because of changes in marketing and solved.

auto parts industry to carry out electronic commerce also need a series of planning, the first production of electronic commerce manufacturers use good solutions to all aspects of procurement, production, sales, use of information management to save the cost of production, for the auto industry a good e-commerce solution must have the following contents: 1, collect and analyze the needs of users and suggestions, 2, automatic completion of procurement forecasting, real-time information exchange between retailers and suppliers, 3, 4, market information feedback and logistics are heavier, 5, full information monitoring; secondly, dealers need to use the network to establish multi-channel information industry circle, showing sales of products through e-commerce platform. The information network is complex, e-commerce platform also complicated, uneven, how to find a suitable location platform according to different use, also need to gradually analysis; finally due to network dissemination of information quickly, so a good customer service service and reputation is very important, pay attention to the construction of network brand products.

electronic commerce is a kind of low cost marketing, can make the small and medium-sized enterprises can have a chance to compete, "


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