Analysis of several ways to prevent cheating by making money on the nternet

network is now very popular, many people even became a full-time network SOHO family, some people with his team said Navy for network promotion or push, so many people earn a small, Wangzhuan gives us the feeling is like a beautiful bouquet of poppies, very attractive, but it is full of the trap, here I will combine their experience to talk to you about how Wangzhuan fraud prevention, so that we do not follow in my footsteps! Two now Wangzhuan liar are mainly the following, one is claimed to be a printing company, need a lot of words need to input, so it needs a lot of talent, often in said recruitment needs 100 or more, and then here there is a web site, there is a question mark at the back of the general, after the question mark is generally registered nicknames, then in the recruitment Three hours a day, easily earn one hundred yuan, the temptation of others registered, the registration time will let you provide the mobile phone number, these websites and even China Unicom, telecom or mobile logo, made with really like, and then tempt you to register, once registered may be deducted 10 yuan, to you you may feel cheated! But some of them will continue


then the site staff will tell you to put some books or need to input information by mail to you, you need to provide the postage, general is 30 yuan, some people might want to send it, so he gave them remitted tens of dollars, but the left and right of the missing data come with they then no one responded to the end, you will find this site suddenly can not log on, so you finally got to know this is a liar website, then you may also encounter this website, but the name changed, but the site content is exactly the same! This is a liar!

second is a liar to pull off the assembly line do network marketing, through a theoretical course can make money to sell your dead, then lure others to buy, bought do you find through this tutorial to make money too difficult, the cruel reality often than the ideal, so you do crisp and join them, too this tutorial will boast to make money, to attract people to buy, so they formed a similar marketing cycle, the scammers often in the tutorial and brainwashing text, let you in this way to make money is not easy to believe, do not you see a lot of people in MLM are often repeated to join, because they has been thoroughly brainwashed! Think through pull off the assembly line must let oneself obtain wealth


for the first prevention techniques it was to see three hours a day to earn one hundred yuan advertising not to click on, soon Pass off to heaven, that there is no free lunch will definitely be avoided, if entered into this website when mobile phone number registered to alert is not found, look at there are suspected of cheating, and postage and other methods of fraud, we have to think about, now email is so advanced, why don’t you telex? Scan is very fast, since it is a professional company, this scanning equipment might not be visible, this is definitely means liar! At such sites.


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