Ali group and Minsheng Bank strategic cooperation involving direct banking

Ali Minsheng Bank signed a strategic cooperation site

news September 16th, Minsheng Bank and Alibaba group announced a strategic cooperation, the Minsheng Bank and Alibaba President Hong Qi small and micro financial services group (chips) CEO Peng Lei today signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Alibaba and Minsheng Bank’s strategic cooperation, in addition to the traditional capital clearing and settlement, the credit card business cooperation, many aspects of financial services, direct banking, finance, science and technology IT internet terminal has become the focus of cooperation.

according to the introduction, in the financial business, Minsheng Bank will be based on the characteristics of Alibaba and its affiliates and Taobao users, Taobao launched for the user design of exclusive financial products, and through the establishment of the Taobao store on the Taobao platform, realize the exclusive financial products and other suitable products exhibition and online sales function.

in the direct banking business, the two sides agreed with the premise of the necessary technical conditions in violation of the relevant laws and regulations and regulatory policies and under the Minsheng Bank direct bank to provide rich and practical and in accordance with the Alibaba or its affiliates customers demand characteristics of financial products, and the Alibaba or its affiliates will be responsible for the use of their own channels and resources to vigorously promote the development of Minsheng Bank direct bank. It is reported that the two sides have Minsheng Bank direct bank in to open shop, and Minsheng Bank direct electronic banking account with Alipay account system to achieve interoperability agreement.

in the financial aspects of the Internet terminal, Alibaba or its affiliates and Minsheng Bank jointly issued a customized version of TV (cloud OS) and cloud mobile phone box, and provide products and services; Minsheng Bank for the Alibaba and / or its affiliates open customer relationship marketing services, and through the Credit Card Center provides TV box and cloud mobile phone "0 yuan purchase service, credit card installment purchase service bills of credit card points under the TV gift box and cloud mobile phone special procurement and supply etc..

in the IT science and technology cooperation, the two sides will set up a joint technology development project group to jointly develop cooperation projects; and to set up a IT technology cooperation committee, coordination, organization and implementation of all IT scientific and technological cooperation and explore the content of science and technology infrastructure cloud platform, as a member of the alliance of Asian financial cooperation banking system development and maintenance of managed services and so on.

group announced in March this year, the Alibaba for the establishment of Ali small and micro financial services group, the group’s Alibaba is responsible for all aspects of Small and micro businesses and consumers’ personal financial services business innovation. Currently, Ali small and micro financial services group’s business involves payment, small loans, insurance, guarantees, etc..

Minsheng Bank is the first to promote small and micro financial strategy of commercial banks. The president of CMBC in July 15th this year, the national Small and micro businesses financial services experience exchange teleconference "has said that after 4 years of efforts.


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