NetEase koala sea purchase play straight down the exposure – Red Star

DoNews in December 7th after Taobao news exposure – play, NetEase koala have been exposed to sea purchase is actively preparing for the "1212 World Festival", really cheap, red star hit multiple gameplay.

During the twelve

preheating, NetEase said it would purchase the koala sea price in the end, some light luxury big names such as UGG, Marc, by, Clinique, Kiehl’s Marc Jacobs and DKNY to ensure adequate supply at the same time in advance to grab cheap open; "update life" concert will also be synchronized on-line, 99 yuan, 58 yuan and 12 Optional Optional 3 a 98 yuan, 6 optional activities will advance the opening price.

– on the occasion, the NetEase koala sea purchase audience straight down in the end, to ensure the annual reserve price at the same time with the use of red star, the game coupons can let users enjoy the real "price". In addition, the NetEase koala sea will also push to buy a gift one special, to create 50 percent off deals. And for the upcoming Christmas period, twelve NetEase koala sea purchase will advance the open Christmas special, the main gift and drinks.

"ten, twelve by participating in the important festival can effectively convey the self-made electricity supplier, NetEase koala sea purchase volume, the market started a reputation at the same time, through promoting low-cost strategy intensive training users in the NetEase to buy the koala sea consumption habits. Of course, not only is an important node in the promotion of the great, every day in the world of NetEase koala sea purchase will adhere to the low price, training user stickiness." NetEase koala purchase relevant responsible person said.

with different mode to protect the massive SKU lot of cross-border business platform of third party merchants settled in, as a platform for cross-border electricity supplier all self-employed, NetEase take koala sea purchase excellentstrategy, selected high-quality goods to domestic users.

official introduction, since the beginning of the second half, NetEase koala sea purchase has maintained a high efficiency of the new rhythm, and around the monthly release of dozens of new brands tailored super new week special. The twelve global Festival, NetEase launched the "new koala sea purchase to include special, MaxFactor, Chanel, GRAFEA, LUMINOX, Lulu, Guinness and other more than and 20 global brands of a variety of hot commodities, expanding boutique camp.

in addition, in order to ensure the new preferential, this involves the makeup, delicacy, health Home Furnishing life, maternal and child products, shoes, bags and other categories of hundreds of products in a debut at the same time, will be launched as low as 6 fold, 4 fold fashion items, straight down 100 huge benefit activities etc..

in addition to low-priced new products, the NetEase also said the koala sea purchase twelve will launch multiple rounds of interactive gifts, white lily, Zhang Danfeng, Bao Chunlai, Li Fei’Er and other big stars in the twelve red NetEase issued during the massive purchase of Koala sea fans.

in addition to the star red envelopes, NetEase koala sea to buy APP side of the koala game will also be heavy return, with


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