The Taobao customers to survive in the nternet in the crevice

for a person who knew about Taobao in 2010, and began to try the industry in 2013. 2013 may be the most difficult year for Taobao.

October 2013

Taobao Taobao began to freeze a large number of passengers Commission, Amoy appeared 44 flow hijacking problem, many guest, small to hundreds of millions of large, the Commission was closed. The first time I joined a guest activist group, see the latest trends. Many choose to go to Hangzhou to attend the foreign Amoy Taobao meeting, to a hard-earned money of their own back.

there is a wolf before the tiger

The reason

said Taobao is to survive in the cracks of the industry, have to say, because of the need to help Ali mother platform to make money, mother Zhibuding someday you see not pleasing to the eye, then the Commission will come to nothing. And I know that every guest has a different way to promote their own, and website promotion may be the most preferred guest. Since the website, it will consider Baidu SEO, but as long as some of the SEOER experience are not directly to the Taobao customer goods promotion link directly to the website, it is not only for SEO impact, and it is easy to be Baidu K station. But now the mom changed the rules, all the links cannot two revisions or internal jump, forced the small owners to offend Baidu at the expense of directly adding Taobao guest promotion link.

and large K Baidu before the station has been known to all, now Baidu very hate Taobao off site, if there are too many goods promotion links, the light is right down, heavy K station, let these small long winded.

Taobao and Baidu

Taobao and Baidu have been fighting for a long time, starting from the prohibition of Baidu Taobao grab its content, the competition is intensified. Taobao has banned Baidu grab their commodity information, if the user is in the form of Baidu search shopping habits, through Baidu grab Taobao information prohibited, users have to go to Taobao search box of goods search, Taobao train advertising will show the value of their own businesses, will be willing to pay to do train advertising Taobao home page the.

Of course, Taobao

million flow is not willing to Baidu that day, so the introduction of the platform of the mom, the grassroots webmaster, then Baidu’s tens of millions of traffic to Taobao, to achieve maximum benefits. When you think Taobao is really wily when Baidu began to have the action.

since Taobao banned Baidu grab the goods, then I can K clutter Taobao off site and cut off from you every day tens of millions of Baidu traffic. Silaixiangqu, Internet Co struggle, injured is always the poor people. Who will help us to maintain our rights and interests?

love Taobao

said that the recent changes in the rules of Ali mother, all of the single product promotion has led to love Taobao, rather than direct >


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