Corporate strategy often win recipe

e-commerce is now the trend of the development of modern circulation has penetrated into various fields, the traditional management mode has a qualitative leap. Some companies have indeed achieved a gratifying result by way of ppc. 100 companies are industry in the same area do what is the result? Enterprises blindly try network marketing, cost a lot of money there is no specific promotion, not a good grasp of the flow, flow into the transaction volume, which is a common problem in most enterprises.

enterprises have to platform publicity, shot away, thought to be accomplished, no good use of industry platform on the Internet’s influence. Stone net such platform, release more members than supply and price of products, but also to see the information, purchase information, release of stone industry information, enterprise itself can make full use of information publicity, and to bring the link, link back to their own independent domain name business website.

I analyzed several ways below:

often take care of 1 site strength; no matter from what channels into the enterprise independent domain name of the site, is the enterprise information on potential customers recognized the need for a better understanding of the supply capacity, business intelligence, product price, etc. there is hope. So you have to take care of the site, if a few years ago, you did not reply to the question, then your business credibility and thus know. Spam, irrelevant links try to delete.

2 site access speed; try not to use animation, special entrance. Or the web server is slow, you may lose this access client.

3 use free web site statistics and analysis tools; so you will fully understand, the customer through what you publish information by search engine grab guide, will be more perfect in the future. Browse from which area, what information is interested in the analysis of each page of the log and jump out rate. Make corresponding updates to the site.

more than and 4 to do the connection; the Internet as its name implies is connected to each other, cross, multi-channel, can be called a network. For your network to do more ways, friendship connection, BBS signature. Search engine can grab.

well, then only the strength of foreign publicity exposure can often win.

welcome to building materials, decoration and other related friendship, stone network together to create a good platform for the enterprise, the real win each other.


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