B2B foreign trade company tradetang.com obtained 15 million yuan investment

June 1st afternoon, the domestic B2B foreign trade company tradetang.com announced today that the company received Beijing dooray Investment Limited 15 million yuan investment. Currently, the investment has been fully in place.

it is understood that the 2012 tradetang.com plan at the same time stable development, try to increase the profit model and expand the profit scale. In order to achieve this goal, tradetang.com in this year launched new products and services to meet customer needs.

tradetang.com CEO Wang Ruohai said that the acquisition of funds will be mainly used for the integration of diversified matrix layout, mode of operation and development, expand the transaction channels, to provide quality international trade in commercial services etc..

tradetang.com was founded in 2008, the main business is concentrated in the foreign trade area, income level has reached tens of millions of dollars.


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