How to become a popular professional manager

think about the so-called working emperor Tang Jun, probably all white-collar workers are doing such a dream, one day they can become an international professional manager such as Tang Jun. However, what kind of white-collar workers can become international occupation managers? The reporter interviewed special white-collar job search engines — COO Zhou Yupeng, he believes that the focus and professional international occupation managers the most basic quality, and try to develop ourselves from the "human resources" to "human capital" is the hard truth.

reporter: after the financial crisis, due to the collapse of foreign enterprises or layoffs and other reasons, a large number of overseas talent to return to china. However, many people did not find their own home after returning to their posts, this is not to say that the domestic international talent has been saturated?

Zhou Yupeng: absolutely not. At present, the domestic saturation is not the core competitiveness of the low-end and high-end talent, international talent is very scarce. Especially in a large number of foreign companies to enter China, many domestic enterprises began to leave the country, the high-end international managers there is a big gap.

we can not find the status of the work of several returnees can not be made on the international talent saturation, such an inference. In fact, these returnees, if only a few years of working overseas, but not the experience of domestic work, but also can not be called senior international talent, but also can not be called "international managers".

reporter: what do you think is the potential for a white collar to grow into a mature international professional manager? How do you plan?

Zhou Yupeng: a potential international occupation managers must have a successful person most basic "two special" quality, professional and dedicated, are engaged in the work to be very professional, and keep the attention of. Professional is not difficult to understand, and to focus, I am afraid that many people are very difficult. If a person’s career is not clear, often in the occupation and industry beat, can not focus on a particular profession or a profession, it is difficult to become a good international professional manager.

white-collar workers in order to grow into international professional managers, we must clearly understand their status quo. At present, the majority of white-collar workers in the company’s role, just commit to work, like computer, printer, is only a company operation must have resources; instead of human capital investment, if the company can not bring him more wealth to the enterprise, like enterprise stocks, real estate, futures. You can get more returns.

so, white-collar to grow in the future, the important point is how to consider yourself from the human resources into human capital role, which requires the white-collar workers from planning a higher level, more long-term view of their occupation career.

reporter: but white-collar workers are often met with such confusion, they also want to be in a certain field of professional and dedicated, but want to quit when there is no chance; and do not want to jump,


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