A barrage of chaos into the Taobao home page two dimension users crazy Shuabing


] December 1st news billion state power network, today, billion state power network into the home taobao.com, taobao.com appeared alongside logo video site Bilibli (B station) icon will appear after clicking "barrage. Taobao users can instantly input to express the content of relevant text will immediately appear in the barrage.

home page text on taobao.com barrage

It is reported that

, B station early layout and taobao.com cooperation, in December 1st 10 in the morning, taobao.com officially launched a barrage of home. Many of the B station "two dimensional" animation enthusiasts in taobao.com home open brush barrage mode.

Taobao revealed in micro-blog, B station staff has been settled in Taobao project room. At present, "the barrage appears only in the Taobao home page, if you want to enter the product details page from the Taobao home page also need to shut down" barrage.

insiders said that if Taobao and B can stand "barrage system embedded in the purchase page, allowing buyers to speak freely comment commodity on the page, this page will become a major innovation barrage system.


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