Pocket to play with 11 pairs of businesses with WeChat brush sense of presence

news October 22nd, staged a double eleven war at the same time, Tmall, Jingdong PC side electricity supplier platform, WeChat service providers pocket pass also could not help but want to participate in the. Billion state power network learned through the pocket recently officially announced its eleven WeChat double the rules and gameplay, the recruitment of merchant registration.

pass pocket founder white crow said, pocket pass, double in eleven more is to give yourself to find a sense of participation, find the atmosphere. He said, pocket pass from last week began to discuss the double eleven and do the program, so this year is not going to be too big, "not too big ideas and goals, they hope to withstand pressure, no downtime".

white crow said, last year’s double eleven pocket pass "very poor", on the evening of November 10th orders suddenly broke out several times, leading to the pocket through five continuous downtime.

it is understood that this year’s double eleven pocket pass merchants recruitment will be mainly concentrated in the real class, including women, men, beauty, food, maternal and child life 6 at the venue, in addition to a shipping 9.9 venue.

pocket WeChat double eleven venue set

According to the eleven

double pocket pass issued rules, the WeChat dual eleven businesses include: access threshold before October 18, 2014 in the pocket through binding shop service number, no store, have a stable turnover penalty record Taobao (or Tmall), WeChat launched payment priority, priority number of fans more than 3000 priority.

In addition to

, businesses in November 2nd -11 month 11 days during the entire store default on a shopping cart; activities of goods not virtual standard prices, not advance the original elevation, accept the price report, once found, from the venue repaying.

for the registration of the goods, pocket pass also has the relevant requirements, the most basic one is the standard must be 50 percent off bags of mail. If the merchant is the Tmall business, but also must meet: the goods must be the main activities of the 11 double Tmall push, Tmall, Taobao, Juhuasuan history of the lowest price; promotional price shall not be higher than the market price and other requirements.

has always been as a center to go on behalf of the pockets of the same time commitment, the double eleven will invest a lot of money, from a number of vertical, precise external channels into the venue activities. Visible, when the arrival of the double eleven, the pocket is also intended to create a center for businesses to enter the flow.


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