Jingdong said in the first quarter sales growth of 155%



technology news April 19th afternoon news, following the launch in Shanghai all electrical installation services to upgrade the customer experience, Jingdong first quarter as sales rose 155%, compared with the first quarter year-on-year growth rate increased 22 percentage points.

is to further promote the development of large household appliances strategic category, Jingdong also will be based on the existing 27 large warehouses, warehouse and logistics development efforts continue to increase, only the first quarter of 2013, Jingdong on the new development of all electric city 24 coverage.

In addition,

Jingdong in the product development is also good performance. In 2013, Jingdong and Hisense, respectively as Konka, LG, Galanz and other well-known brands reached a strategic cooperation, signed amounted to tens of billions, signed a strategic product sales growth is as high as 300%-500%, to ensure that more high-quality goods.

Jingdong official said, with the rise of 80, 90 and other emerging consumer groups, and business has lower operating costs, higher efficiency, products more quickly and more diversified marketing tools, and user interaction more convenient and other unique advantages, is becoming a mainstream business electric appliance retail channels. (Lin Ming)


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