Google investigates people indulging in smartphones and preferring to give up other hobbies

according to foreign media reports, the day before Google during a webinar that research agency Google habits of using intelligent mobile phone users are studied, survey data show:

1. Nowadays people have become very addicted to smart phones and even prefer to give up other hobbies.

through the survey of respondents, 89% of smartphone users as smart phones as their daily infrastructure, many of whom every day through smart phones for frequent communication and interaction. They even said that they attach great importance to their electronic partners (smart phones), and even prefer to give up chocolate, beer and television fun. Although this is not a shocking news, but the data but to the relevant marketing staff or a hint of the enterprise, the most direct way to contact the smartphone user is through the device in their hands.


data also showed an interesting data, 81% people use smart mobile phone to browse the web, but only 68% of people use mobile phone applications locally, for e-commerce sites, whether the mobile phone search application on local investment engine optimization development investment

is more important?

two, smart phone users to use smart phones to help make purchase decisions.

survey data show that the vast majority of people use smart phones for shopping or shopping related behavior. Most of them through the smart phone to find goods, and then buy the goods in the store; about 23% in the phone to find the product information, to the store to confirm the goods, and finally it is online to buy.



above is statistical product search for intelligent mobile phone users after the behavior of the product search in intelligent mobile phone on the behavior, 53% people decided to buy, 68% people visited the merchant site or store, 67% of people will continue to search, 59% people to discuss the exchange of goods.

three, smart phone advertising is more likely to attract people’s attention.

The vast majority of people involved in the

survey said that compared with many other forms of advertising, advertising on smart phones is more likely to attract their attention. 82% of respondents said they were aware of the smart phone advertising, of which about half of people said they would do some advertising operations, or to buy or browse businesses.

the survey through interviews with 5013 American adults aged 18-64 years old, about their use of intelligent mobile phone habits, although the results of this survey relates only to the United States for intelligent mobile phone users, Google said they have seen similar data in other countries.


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