South Korea’s e-commerce trip – visit Korea TOP B2C C2C

powder network assigned to countries with the highest penetration of online shopping e-commerce investigation in Korea, after returning to the deep feelings, write out and share with you. On the one hand is holding a travel company official business, while also taking into account the South Korean electronic commerce enterprise trust, don’t write too fine to give too much data, on the other hand ten days to fly Overgeneralization please readers understanding it.

the development of online shopping in Korea

1 Korea online shopping history:

June 1996, INTERPARK (B2C NO.1), the representative of South Korea after the on-line shopping online Lotte; new world group have entered, in the next 4 years, South Korea’s online retail business is a comprehensive B2C, until 2000 began to appear in vertical B2C and C2C, is regarded as the outbreak of Korean online shopping development the point. 2004, to GMARKET (C2C NO.12009 acquisition) and AUCTION (C2C NO.22004 was acquired by EBAY) active, laid the foundation of the C2C super anti and overwhelm B2C EBAY. 2009, EBAY acquisition of GMARKET, occupy more than 80% of the Korean C2C market share.

2 current Korean e-commerce market overview:

market size / growth rate: in 2009 will reach 100 billion yuan RMB, the growth rate of up to 16% (far below the line).

number of online shopping / online shopping penetration: South Korea’s population of 48 million people, the number of Internet users for the number of people, the network coverage of 75%, the number of online shopping accounted for 24 million people / of Internet users 70%

online shopping accounted for the proportion of total retail sales of society: 12%, for the South Korea’s second largest commodity distribution channels.

mobile payment: mobile payment accounted for 5% of online shopping, and an upward trend, but the mobile payment is limited to small, mainly books, audio and video and booking.

3 South Korean government e-commerce tax policy:

Asian financial crisis in 1998, South Korea as a result of the special economic structure into an economic crisis, business failures, the unemployment rate higher. The South Korean government began to encourage companies and individuals to start online business, e-commerce, many housewives have begun to set up a personal shop, the government of the online store in the licensing and tax management. Before 2006, C2C and China as serious tax evasion, tax office in South Korea in 2006 to start C2C tax C2C platform for sellers sales requirements of each commodity withholding tax of 10%, and 06 years ago to pay a one-time tax. At present, B2C and C2C sales of goods to pay 10% of the value-added tax, B2C/C2C enterprises themselves to pay a sales tax of 10%. (the pig fat to kill, kill a ruthless, Taobao careful, oh.


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