We will use the advertising business enterprise development strategy

At present, many

network stir the relevant enterprises throwing money grab advertising messages, we believe that, as a traditional Chinese enterprises to enter the Internet, enhance the network brand effect is not to do the best, not the strongest, but at the same time, we also believe that in the future, the traditional Chinese Enterprises will grow to keep up with the pace of social change to keep pace with the times, wins in the competition, he will need to experience a change in the ascension process, and this process involves the enterprise values, enterprise innovation, enterprise operation mode, simply said, is this e-commerce platform. While throwing money grab advertising, its ultimate purpose is to enhance the user of the EC (e-commerce usually refers to a wide range of business around the world trade activities, the Internet and open network environment, based on browser application, both parties not met for various business activities to realize consumers online shopping merchants, online transactions and online electronic payment and a variety of business activities, trading activities, financial activities and related service activities of a new business model) awareness and popularity, so as to drive the user consumption to achieve more long-term deeper economic benefits of the internet. Server

in today’s society, entrepreneurs advertisers throwing money grab advertising, burn down the price, who is also not willing to become a loser, because you know, if you want to win, the only way is to beat the other competitors. So what is the way to win? Like those outside speculation, they will understand the building Gailou?? but they are only a little bit of money prices constantly pushed up, make a lot of money. This is the key to victory. He proved how important hype awareness, how much the benefits of high visibility, reputation power is how powerful.

says, "money can solve problems". Indeed, money can buy all belong to can deal, can deal will need to raise capital speculation, awareness, and the most popular trading channel is the Internet, people spend most of their time and energy on the Internet through the network, shopping, travel, movies and so on, can be said to a network to solve the people basic necessities of life and entertainment aspects of electronic commerce, B2C is equivalent to the real world of business, people is to buy their own goods through these B2C.

What is the reason why businesses

throwing money grab for advertising? Obviously, and the real society, there exists obvious sense of competition between businesses and businesses, the same goods, consumers can not distinguish between good and bad, do not know which goods more credit guarantee, for example, a Steamed Buns, there are 2 the supermarket, supermarkets are produced, the same price, consumers will tend to buy a single Steamed Buns? From the point of view, looks like the size, color, taste the same, it is difficult for consumers to choose, but open to see, and then to the account, you will see the 2 supermarket, if 2 kinds of the same goods in front of you, it is not only look at the origin, one from the known supermarket, a production of "


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