Amazon sales of pirated books were sued for infringement

was due to the sale of pirated books by the National Copyright Bureau interviewed the Amazon, now again storm piracy.

at the beginning of this year, "Xiao Yuzhi" is a Book of life author keywords found the book piracy Amazon website, then to the Beijing City People’s Court of Chaoyang District (hereinafter referred to as the "Chaoyang Court") filed a related lawsuit.

days ago, Chaoyang Court of first instance found Amazon website sales of "life" is a keyword Book piracy, and asked them to stop selling books.

today, search for "Xiao Yuzhi" in the website of Amazon, is shown as "Xiao Yuzhi" and any related goods "is not found, but caused by the case of piracy but did not quell the storm.

Amazon was sentenced to stop selling pirated books

"life keyword" is a pure original works, I invested a lot of time and energy to create." Recently, the reporter interviewed said the weekend to accept the rule of law in the PLA General Armament Department Minister Xiao Yuzhi.

Xiao Yuzhi’s "life keyword", published in August 2011 by the National Defense University press.

in the beginning of this year, Xiao Yuzhi browsing the Web even accidentally discovered during his "life" keyword in the sale of Amazon website information display, the book as 2011-07 published by Amazon direct sales and delivery".

at this time Xiao Yuzhi brain sea immediately drew up a question mark, he did not authorize any network sales "life keyword", Amazon website how to sell?

February 19, 2014, Xiao Yuzhi purchased a "life" from the Amazon website keywords, and get a piece from Beijing century of excellence in Information Technology Co. Ltd. Kunshan Branch issued 38.7 yuan purchase invoice.

in their hands and genuine "life" keyword comparison, Xiao Yuzhi found that they have a lot of differences in the font and layout, then the Beijing century of excellence in Information Technology Limited (hereinafter referred to as the "century of excellence") and Amazon website operators — Amazon Excellence Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Amazon Co) report on the Chaoyang court.

Xiao Yuzhi believes that the century of excellence in the sale of the company, the word "life" as a Book of pirated books, Amazon Co as an operator of its website sales of goods did not fulfill the obligation of reasonable review. Therefore, the two defendants infringed upon the copyright of the key words of life, should bear tort liability.

Chaoyang Court hearing after investigation found that centuries of excellence through the Amazon website sales of "life" keywords Xiao Yuzhi violations of copyright infringement of books related books, excellent company and Amazon Co should bear the responsibility to stop selling.

website operator or the seller of goods



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