Electricity supplier let fresh business from the smell of relief

no matter how clean the supermarket, no matter the ventilation spacious store, when you enter into fresh areas, what is the first time to be stimulated?, is the sense of smell, as long as you breathe fresh detached, will be halved.

electricity supplier to improve a small step to improve life a big step

for the electricity supplier era, we have to uphold embrace positive, all kinds of shopping mall, mall platform appear shop system and so on, in the liberation of leasing pain at the same time, and delivery of physical exertion, geographical limitations of time has been liberated. The benefits of these images seem to have been said to be rotten. But for different sectors of the electricity supplier, the actual meaning is not the same. In view of Yonghui fresh Yuecuoyueyong, the author of a sudden out of the abstract meaning of the electricity supplier to bring the little details, from sensory experience to the electricity supplier to improve the quality of life significance.

traditional fresh shopping habits – see goods, see, touch, smell, has become a part of everyone’s life. We have reason to believe that with the joint efforts of the electricity supplier, fresh electricity supplier’s progress, will make people’s lives have been greatly improved. For example, buy fresh food online, you don’t have to endure the unpleasant odor, gently move your fingers will be able to buy what you want, it can make the sale of fresh smell, smell completely free from. If the fresh electricity supplier to fully achieve the desired effect, it can also save a lot of time, witnessed the "bloody massacre scene from a nightmare, dismembered only in need of fresh food online select state, can be achieved only wait for the delivery of it may boil. Even, for fresh wholesale, but also can avoid unnecessary waste, the use of electronic business platform to get the final decision of the buyer needs to do the deal, so as to put an end to do first, then sell the passive situation.

to solve the fresh electronic business platform to achieve optimal allocation of resources

The successful practice of

fresh electricity supplier, has changed the status of sales channels scattered in a large extent, to achieve the channel a platform, then the power of a wider impact or potential consumer market, this is the two time N and effect of traditional channels can not be achieved. The author from the 366EC electronic commerce market department learned that the shopping mall is the first hurdle, fresh electricity supplier first, fresh food in the traditional clothing, household items and other shows in different ways, how to embody the students, fresh two aspects do have difficulty, secondly, fresh retail and wholesale link is a bit more complicated, there are restrictions on the time dimension, this mall system function display requirements are quite high. For fresh electricity providers, select the appropriate shopping mall or shop system is just the first step, the most important thing is how to operate the wholesale and retail rules, only the establishment of the exclusive rules of practical and useful channels such as the guarantee, the State Food and sale form, customer service service, it is possible to realize the successful landing of fresh electricity.

not only fresh electricity supplier, it should be said that all electricity providers should pay attention


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