B2B good mode choice is an antidote against the disease

[ask] money spent, B2B website is still not profitable

readers Chen Sheng wrote: in 2007, my friend and I study e-commerce industry, found that the Guangdong native is not very strong B2B website, classified information in this context to create a set of Baidu, Alibaba [17.40 2.35%] features as one of the search site. Our website for free registration become the member and released their supply and demand information to attract by manufacturers, and we use technology to manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and other information together for the user to search options to meet the requirements of the supply and demand of the object, and use their data as the database of the website ready to open up other profit point.

From May 2008

website officially launched operations, to registered users has reached 2 million, the advertisement fee is the main source of income, manufacturers can use the website to advertise, do the promotion, but the current annual advertising fee of only hundreds of thousands of.

in addition, we also tried to promote credit cards for the bank, to receive a part of the Commission, as well as provide some business navigation services, such as the recommendation of the food and beverage industry, from the commission. These businesses are completed by the agents, but the current strength of more than a dozen agents are not very strong, difficult to raise profits.

is now the main income is very poor in advertising, websites are unable to support the daily operation cost, when just starting to use contacts from 2 million investment is already exhausted, how can I find new profit point


[answer] do a good choice of model

but you have created the revenue model, B2B website common profit model has the following: 1, V IP membership fee, the membership fee has become China’s B2B website is the main source of income; 2, search rankings or keyword sales; related management software 3, industry 4, trading; cost; 5, industry development report; 6, website data analysis report; 7, expert online consultation service; 8, line 9, database marketing services.

your site is for a certain industry B2B, or the industry? If you are doing the whole industry, I suggest that there should be two or three main industries as a feature. If you do not have the main industry, it is recommended that you must find, because of your strength, the whole industry is certainly difficult, we must take one or two industries as a starting point.

in the field of the Internet, although it is much easier to charge for B than to C charges, but before reaching the scale is still very difficult, so relatively speaking, the above 9 ways to choose how to do it?

is the most easily in eighth ways, the enterprise is also easy to accept, signing rate should be relatively high. As your website is weak, do some online services so that enterprises always skeptical, but do such training, seminars for enterprises, enterprises will be relatively easy to accept. Although these businesses and online services compared to low profit margins


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