Baidu has ah Taobao + change policy transformation

two years ago to challenge Taobao’s public imagination, for Baidu e-commerce, can be described as: reputation, liar.

October 2008, Baidu officially launched e-commerce business — yes, it can work with various coveted compete great expectations. However, in the past two years, Baidu has not yet seen any improvement. According to Analysys International released the "2010 second quarter total online retail transactions and the main operators share", Baidu has ah in the first quarter of the turnover of only 125 million yuan, the market share of 0.11%, behind Taobao, eBay and pat, is not worth mentioning. In March this year, Baidu has ah former general manager Li Mingyuan also due to performance and personal reasons had to leave.

transformation thus naturally put on the agenda.

, ah, the new platform will be formally launched in October." September 28th, Baidu, general manager Cai Hu said in an interview with reporters, there will be not only to create a ‘online shopping’ platform, but also hope to get through the whole life of the consumer circle."

Baidu CEO

in accordance with the instructions of Robin Li, took the helm Cai Hu ah, ah must break the original mode of operation, to seek new development ideas. Allegedly, stepped in, never had contact with the electronic commerce Cai Hu, immediately turned Master through online shopping, shopping spree, and explore the advantages and disadvantages of the e-commerce websites, and constantly flew around with major businesses, buyers contact, extensive research.

Cai Hu gradually felt that e-commerce is not equivalent to online shopping. "It should be closer to the nature of the business, and widely integrated into the various aspects of life of consumers." Cai Hu said. At the same time, the Groupon site as the representative of the site is also driving the traditional service industry to promote the Internet, life service into the eyes of e-commerce sites, the next gold mine.

has transformed the strategic positioning of the logic, from the original "China covet being the largest individual online trading platform" into "e-commerce platform".

up to now, although there are ah new platform has not yet officially launched, but the industry speculation, the so-called new business model will be the "group of Taobao +".

transformation Taobao + "

in March this year, Robin Li met with Cai Hu, his successor, planned by the general manager. When you meet, Cai Hu said to Robin Li, you listen to my understanding of e-commerce, whether in line with Baidu’s overall development strategy, then make a decision."

Cai Hu said to Robin Li: "the union is responsible for more than a year, I saw the ‘life consumption’ as the core of the Internet application is the rise and development. So, can we try to tap the commercial potential of ‘living consumption’

this idea coincides with Robin Li agree without prior without previous consultation. Hit it off, Cai Hu agreed to have transferred to the general manager. At this time, there is also a time of controversy,


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