Demand for luxury goods online shopping more and more huge, but the luxury business is more and more

the rapid development of online shopping market, so that people’s lives have undergone tremendous changes. But it is in such a highly inclusive market, but there is a segment of the temperature is not always warm, and even the collapse of the trend, which is naturally the main market for the sale of luxury goods. Has always been regarded as a status symbol of luxury, just into the online shopping market, quickly accepted by consumers, but then fell into weak growth and low service quality, the authenticity of disputes, instability and other difficulties in the supply chain.

connected, is originally a luxury electric providers become dormant overweeningly ambitious. TV news, luxury closed transition continue to be exposed, investors, consumers have repeatedly. Although there are a handful of luxury electric providers still adhere to the teeth, but did not seem to stop the collapse of the whole luxury industry. A strange scene is formed, the demand for luxury goods online shopping is becoming more and more large, but the luxury business has become more and more lonely. What the hell is going on here,


chaos! Luxury electricity providers have sacked

as early as in 2008, the luxury electricity supplier began to rise, a large number of people under the banner of the subversion of the luxury sales model has been on-line. By 2010, began to gradually into the right track, investors are also sought after, as if it will become the next Taobao. At that time, due to the purchase of luxury goods in the country is still a new thing, the convenience of its purchase characteristics are also welcomed by a small number of consumers. Luxury electric providers began to have a place in the country, and quickly grow.

just from the data, luxury online shopping market potential is very great. According to the Chinese International Electronic Commerce Research Center data, in 2013 the luxury online shopping market transactions was 20 billion 820 million yuan, an increase of 34.8%, while the year 2014 is expected to reach 27 billion 430 million yuan, which means that the market potential can be further excavated. Even more gratifying is that compared with the entire luxury market, online shopping sales accounted for only 3% of total sales, and developed countries have a big gap. China is already the largest consumer of luxury goods, luxury online shopping market in the future is still bright.

but in fact, after the initial expansion of luxury electricity supplier crazy, but increasingly declining, and even began to collapse, with the popular saying is one after another sacked". In less than two years, the product poly network, Jiapin network, called ha network to luxury electricity supplier for the positioning of the company have closed down. In May this year, has always been very high-profile, on-line only a month to get millions of dollars in investment of domestic well-known luxury electric providers enjoy the network collapsed, complete website operation.

luxury online shopping market is constantly expanding, but professional luxury electricity supplier performance is shrinking, the vast majority of annual sales are below 1 billion, and earnings growth is very slow, so that the enthusiasm of investors is also gradually cooling. After the loss of financial support, part of the site is unable to operate luxury products, and ultimately ended in bankruptcy. But it’s close


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