CN beyond the COM domain name behind the scenes

1997, CNNIC formally established management CN domain, CN domain name registration amount only 2000 to one; ten years later, CN domain name registration has reached 5 million 300 thousand, more than COM domain name, domain name in China has become the first big success, occupy the world of top-level domain name three position.

corresponds to this, ten years ago, China has only a number of Internet users, after ten years, the number of Internet users in China exceeded the number of 140 million. The CN domain name, the development of the Internet and China economic construction as a road, in the world of the Internet the position of the pattern of victory on the day.

so, CN domain ten years off the road from weak to strong, actually experienced what important turning point? What is the strength of the CN domain to lift the power?

ten, CN domain name out of the deep mystery, gradually familiar and accepted ordinary Internet users, from the implementation of the role of the Internet to identify unknown to the public China leap into the world top 5 million 300 thousand to register.

retrospective: the first five star red flag on the Internet

now, with sina, Baidu, Sohu, etc. in the United States Nasdaq’s booming performance, the Chinese concept of a strong impact on the eyes of the Internet community, to become the most dazzling nouns. However, the rise of the first five star red flag on the Internet can be called lonely walker.

is far more in October 1990 than in 1997, on behalf of China Qian Tian taught without charge gives sends formally in the international Internet domain name registration distribution management center of China’s top-level domain CN, and the establishment of China’s first CN domain name server. At the time of the mysterious and strange Internet, as quietly inserted a side of the five-star red flag, since China has its own online logo.

four years later, the Internet Chinese full function access, CN domain name server is also the end of the top in "the history of Germany, officially moved back home. The 1997 CN domain name registration authority — Chinese Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) officially formed, the development of CN domain thus go deep, gradually familiar and accepted normal users in recent years to enter the rapid growth stage.

July 2005, CN domain name registration reached about 700000, becoming the country’s largest registered top-level domain name. Six months later, CN domain finally broke through one million, becoming the world’s top sixth countries, the domain name, the registration amount in the end of 2006 was refreshed to about 1800000, ranking also rose to the world’s top fourth.

The history of the

pointer to stay in June 2007, CNNIC announced to the world, CN domain name registration volume reached 5 million 300 thousand, significantly exceeded the domestic COM domain name registrations, enter the world of top-level domain name three list, the strong development of basic resources for the development of the Internet China injected new boosting agent.

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