Electricity supplier giant logistics war upgrade Jingdong new distribution system built

CCTV exposure violent sorting, so that consumers express confidence in the company down to the bottom. This gave the Jingdong such as suning.com mall, self built logistics business enterprise new development opportunity. The industry believes that this will promote the electricity supplier by the price war turned to logistics war".

reporter learned yesterday from the Jingdong mall, its code named Qinglong new logistics system has been completed. According to reports, the system not only support the Jingdong store from mentioning self distribution and distribution business, also can undertake third party logistics service. Jingdong mall relevant responsible person said, "dragon", in the realization of system receiving and distribution site inspection, delivery receipt, distribution and other positive operation function at the same time, also support the return home, provide 5 hours pick-up, cash on delivery service for the third party reverse businesses. The responsible person said, the system also has the support of future Jingdong to carry out self express cooperation site site and two or three lines of the city’s construction ability, then more non first-tier cities online shopping consumers will also enjoy the "limit of 211 services.

as the main rival Jingdong mall, suning.com has received the courier business license at the end of last year, becoming the Jingdong store, Amazon China Eslite, after a business enterprise to express licence. In the peak period, Suning has enabled nearly 1800 line stores and more than 4 thousand customer service outlets to participate in the suning.com express delivery logistics, relieve pressure.

has been in East China, Southern China, a firm foothold Tencent electricity supplier has been targeting Beijing, to one day three to send fast electricity providers to seize the capital market distribution. Yi Xun, vice president of Zou Zhijun, said in an interview with reporters, Yi Xun network hopes to promote the delivery of the entire courier industry standards through the implementation of one day three to send.

industry analysts believe that competition between the electricity supplier has entered a new stage, more innovative marketing, higher quality service has become the key to determine the future life and death of the electricity supplier. Electricity supplier self built logistics can provide high quality, personalized distribution services to improve the last mile service reputation gains far greater than money. The electricity supplier giants have vied for the express market, will promote the business competition between the industry from the "price war" to "war logistics".


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