They lose money is to help people make money

Han Guogang came to a rather pessimistic report, according to the report, according to South Korea’s gold producer AEGIS Hyosung said that this year, 30.8% of the online stores in South Korea opened and closed, than last year, an increase of 22.5%. Which is as high as 90% of South Korea’s online store is open within six months

put up the shutters!

what does this mean? Why is the "life" of Internet startups so short?

reports that the number represents a "lost" mood. "Young people are called, plunge into the Internet, but soon found on the Internet to make money not so easy!" that is never so easy, immediately retreat, quit! You said this to the media too much propaganda "Internet Millionaire" deeds? But is not only the time we preach the millionaire since we are immersed in the story, the story of Wang Yongqing, Yang Xuan wantonly all successful cases. The problem is the former rich story, now the "Internet version" has shorten the time, a year of riches, more people come in, they simply can not quickly find "rich" within a year, and to six months later, they leave disappointed! But, who said that success is on the horse the Internet? A lot of people disappointed, if not a fool, hold for a long time, the final success is not you.

but it also said that the Internet can not make money, is the common aspiration of many businesses.

this is an opportunity for other Internet entrepreneurs. In terms of strategy, I think we can try to do the same business, began to move to help businesses make money on the body —

this is the opposite of thinking. Former commodity entrepreneurs are to "people", I hope by the consumer the best business website open businesses to buy advertising, to accept the award, sending supplies and so on to make a profit. This site features fresh image, can come to the election of the mayor would probably choose, the disadvantage is that the "fees" is not directly, so some sites despite the resounding fame, but has been wandering in the profit and loss two flat edge, do not. Some people even joked, business people only, no harm; I do not know how many such sites because businesses "users negative assessment" has impacted the income! This is a "victim" than "money to help people make money on the web site itself! Is embittered, self trapped in the marsh in.

this week, there is a place in the United States Seattle company called "TeachStreet", "probably figured out". This website has just launched a "cash flow" system (the other see this article). Let the teacher in the above "money" can be for students, courses, textbooks can sell sell…… Anything can be sold, nothing strange.

this site is currently a total of online achievements, has collected 135 thousand teachers, 700 classes to just this year, the second round of the funds raised. However, it is actually a "rebirth" at the beginning of this year, they changed the direction of layoffs. Because, as the original direction, just as they say


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