Taobao fight for baby brush single violation or be punished

with the brush against Taobao’s single industry, more and more brush platform is becoming a fraud gang. Recently the media exposed, hundreds of Taobao businesses suffered scalping scam, loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Taobao security experts pointed out that Zhang Xiaojun, now a variety of single brush model will be found on the platform, while the baby is the focus of the current platform to combat scalping behavior. again, in order to protect the reputation and not easily won achievements, the majority of businesses do not participate in a single brush.

is involved in the brush single store or surrender the right to punish


"as long as 598 yuan, five drill hold home"!

single brush in the face of such advertising, many new businesses to open shop will be tempted. However, the "Five Diamond home" is just a beautiful illusion. Mr. Zhou is not only to participate in the brush paid the money, but also fear of punishment will be reduced right.

recently, Zhejiang Pujiang Taobao owner Mr. Zhou hurried to the police station, said he was scalping cheated 598 yuan. Some people said to him, as long as 598 yuan, you can help his shop brush to the 5 diamond. But the money hit the past, Mr. Zhou’s store sales did not grow.

subsequent police investigation found that not only cheated Mr. zhou. In just 20 days, there are hundreds of Taobao is the brush single fraud Gang cheated hundreds of thousands of dollars. Eventually, the main fraud Gang fraud Gang, Hwang, Tang was arrested on suspicion of fraud by the police.

two confessed, they promise to help customers brush single, dedicated to the implementation of network fraud. In general, the first two businessmen cheat in 500 yuan, if the business reflects the effect is not obvious, the use of words so that businesses continue to send remittances of $3000 or even $10 thousand.

but in Taobao’s brush on the severe blow, the gang’s commitment to the single effect can not be cashed. Police said Hwang and Tang brush gang has dozens of individuals, but to provide businesses with brush service staff almost No.

and with the incident, the police will be synchronized to the store’s information to the platform, on suspicion of a single brush, Mr. Zhou’s shop or will be reduced right punishment.

focus on fighting for baby brush single

Taobao security experts Zhang Xiaojun pointed out that with the continuous improvement of Taobao big data model, the existing brush mode will be found on the platform.

, whether it is an empty package express fine brush, or change baby mode, and now the platform can quickly identify and deal with." Zhang Xiaojun said, baby is the focus of the current platform to combat the brush behavior.

will be officially released in October 18th this year, the "junk" rules, "by editing the product category, brand, model and other key attributes make it become another factor of change" commodity goods will be incorporated into the control range to avoid information.

in addition to retain the original means of power down, the platform will see the seriousness of the violation of the case >


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