11 double storm Lin Chiling teach you how to Miaosuan

distance this year’s double 11 Carnival feast although there are a few days, but the strong festive atmosphere has been pumianerlai. PHILPS, which has a history of 125 years, has also launched an attractive and exciting event. As one of the main activities of the product display, this year this feast not only offer a large full cut coupons and God value seckill products, more effort to support the goddess Lin Chiling, let you buy buy buy stop


is an important festival in many 11 double hand chop party, but the blind shopping just perceptibly. How to save money and buy good stuff? In this regard, PHILPS display in the Jingdong platform including the introduction of a "full 200 minus 199 gods and coupons, full 500 minus 30", "full 1000 minus 100", "full 2000 minus 200" multiple limited coupons, give customers the most tangible affordable.

at the same time, PHILPS monitors in November 5th this year – in November 9th, launched a series of spike activity. A variety of life, which can meet the different needs of the game, the display turns seckill let you really get benefits.

In addition,

, in addition to the early promotions, the double 11 day will also have a surprise. Then in the Jingdong platform, PHILPS monitor will be staged crazy two hours, if you hand fast enough, single enough in time, then you can benefit the price of your favorite display in the bag.


In addition to

double 11 Carnival feast, but also the traditional "singles day". This year, PHILPS monitor hand in hand with the goddess Lin Chiling. Since his debut, Lin Chiling has been the embodiment of elegance and beauty, maintaining a positive image of positive energy, but also eager to participate in public welfare year round. In the eyes of consumers, brand spokesperson is equivalent to chief taster, words and deeds will affect the brand in the eyes of the public image of the display, PHILPS chose Lin Chiling as a spokesperson, it is also because of the positive image of Lin Chiling and PHILPS high-end Holland Royal gene highly fit, and hope that through her to convey the brand for the user’s intentions and close.


since its birth in 1891, PHILPS has gone through 125 years, to become one of the world’s largest electronics company, ranked first in europe.

1984, PHILPS launched its first black and white computer monitors, walked the pace of development of a solid, robust, PHILPS relying on its strong technical accumulation and the details of quality of unremitting adhere to become a pioneer in the field of display.

in 2014, continue to leap, a breakthrough on the road, PHILPS once again walk in the forefront of the times, the first to launch a 4K ultra high definition display, and the first to have the hardware filter harmful light technology for high quality products – SoftBlue comfortable blue series display.



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