How to test the structure and characteristics of B2B e-commerce website marketing ability

as a different industry, different business operators have been looking for channels, how to make their products sell better. Most of the enterprise for the customer is the enterprise, so many companies will choose large B2B e-commerce website as the main way of their products. So, how to test the B2B e-commerce website marketing ability structure and characteristics?

1, B2B enterprise marketing ability structure

at present, there is not a unified definition of enterprise competence structure in the academic field. Different researchers analyze the capability structure of enterprises from different angles. According to the ability to store the different positions of the ability to classify, divided into enterprise capacity, team ability, personal ability. Ability is a kind of objective force, which must be attached to social subject. In the process of enterprise marketing management, the main body of the social enterprise, team, individual. On the one hand, the enterprise through the ability of employees and employees of the mental model of the system management, the ability to produce a team, the team ability to form a combination of corporate capabilities. On the other hand, the marketing ability of the enterprise has the reaction force to the ability of the team and the individual ability, and can cultivate and develop the team ability and individual ability to a certain extent. Whether it is from the "personal capacity — team ability — enterprise ability" or from "enterprise capability — team ability — individual ability, ability of transformation is not sufficient, it is difficult to the transformation of 100%, because of the ability to be lost, change or trapped in the transformation process, some ability itself can not change.

customer oriented B2B enterprise marketing ability is based on the above three kinds of classification on the basis of a comprehensive ability structure, but this ability structure also needs to be subdivided.

(1) classification according to customer demand level

customers are divided into three levels: clear demand, customer is very aware of their needs, to meet the demand of the supplier only need to have ability to respond to needs, make corresponding response; customer potential demand, there is no kind of demand, the supplier according to the change of the environment, industry analysis, the end consumer market the trends of factors such as the expected demand will produce, and provide the corresponding products or service to meet the corresponding demand, which requires companies with the expected demand ability; can create demand, namely the supplier market introduces does not appear, and even customers have not thought about the product or service, and to cultivate and stimulate the customers to buy the product or service and this requires the enterprises to have the ability to shape demand. Based on the above, this study can be divided into three levels of customer demand, customer oriented B2B based marketing capabilities are divided into response demand ability, the expected demand ability, the ability to shape demand.

(2) classification by ability importance

management of "20/80" applies to B2B based on customer oriented marketing ability construction, the enterprise marketing ability has many specific abilities, critical and non critical points, 20% ability to decide the survival and development of enterprises, is the enterprise.


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