The traditional dance enterprise test of electronic commerce a setback in chains

in fact, for the vast majority of traditional enterprises, e-commerce as a new business model, is under the impact of the interests of the line channels, which also makes more and more companies feel a dilemma. Therefore, experts suggest that traditional enterprises can choose the initial business platform "training", according to their own characteristics gradually after the construction of electronic commerce system, to reduce the risk of.

  one is the huge offline resources, while it is dismal online sales and can’t see the bottom of the funds, even with the electronic commerce the top mainstream and showcase "hat" asylum, has a strong product manufacturing and sales ability of the traditional giants is not from the heart……

a long list shows the first net of traditional enterprises will encounter "Waterloo": a large warehouse collapse, bond purchase dim end, COFCO I bought net praised Lining, Lin Li, head of electronic commerce minister Zhao Zhi, Galanz e-commerce e-commerce Joyoung Limited by Share Ltd responsible person recently have left the business department of and other traditional enterprise general manager……

in contrast with the Internet gene VANCL (Eslite) but in the voices of doubt losing money earned shouted in the growth of fully deserve the field of vertical B2C Sample Firms.

another cruel fact is, for the traditional industry, e-commerce is undoubtedly subversive business model, traditional enterprises can not let down, however, so far there is no Chinese traditional industries into the success of e-business, the traditional enterprise e-commerce

why crashed?

= "net" burn?

not long ago, Smith Barney to make a not too hard enough but "disgraceful" decision, the announcement said, because profit is difficult to guarantee, the company decided to stop operation "state purchase e-commerce business, thus became the first announcement of outage of e-commerce business of traditional clothing enterprises, the business to the group A subsidiary of non-listed company.

for the decision of Smith Barney, the company chairman Zhou Chengjian’s explanation: profit is difficult to guarantee, fear of affecting the confidence of investors of listed companies. Insiders have said, "play burn, Smith Barney play but can’t play", the pressure due to bond purchase input-output ratio is too low.


announcement shows that as of now, the state purchase line a year up to 60 million yuan investment, while the state purchase this year’s sales of only 200 million yuan, the first half of this year with the United States sales of 3 billion 800 million yuan compared to the state purchase network contribution is less than a fraction.

bond purchase experience is reminiscent of once known as Chihiro network South Korea SK Telecom investment in China’s favourite work.

2009, SK announced plans to invest 500 million yuan in China, to build a network of thousands of search into the field of B2C, hoping to build China’s largest network of brand clothing mall. However, its development is not smooth. On line less than two months, coach Guo Hongchi left, then Chihiro net encounter SK group.


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