Look at the four international consumer goods giant how to go the same way electricity supplier

has become increasingly popular on the Internet today, e-commerce has become a consumer sales standard, and Reckitt Benckiser (Benckiser group, hereinafter referred to as Reckitt), Nestle (Nestle), Diageo (Te A Jill) and Unilever (Unilever) and other consumer goods giant has been trying some new business models, such as on-demand regular order delivery, etc.. The following is compiled from the Reuters special report:

emerging electricity supplier tide

with the increasingly fierce competition in the traditional market, Reckitt electricity supplier channels are also more and more attention. Reckitt’s condom brand "Durex" (Durex) the China electricity supplier website customer group is very large, the number of visits has doubled in the last year, more than 20 million people. With the increasing demand for sexual health products for consumers, it is expected that this figure will continue to more than doubled this year.

Reckitt CEO Rakesh Kapoor said that the group has established a new "global business sector", to better and Amazon and other electronic business platform of cooperation, and expand other business, such as cross-border electricity supplier, website sales etc..

electricity supplier is a very important emerging areas, we hope to be able to achieve a leading position in the competition." Kapoor said: "although it seems to have made a lot of achievements, but we have only just begun, the future will only grow faster."

Reckitt expects that by 2020, the Chinese market will be half of the sales from the electricity supplier channels. Last year, the electricity supplier channels accounted for 25% of China’s Reckitt market sales, is expected by the end of this year will increase to $35%.

has been hit by a product safety scandal in South Korea, Reckitt’s business in the market suffered a serious blow, and lowered expectations for the future, resulting in Reckitt’s share price fell on Friday.

regular subscription service

According to the

Euromonitor International data, in 2015 the global online consumers to buy food, beverage, cosmetics and other sundries total amount of personal goods for 87 billion euros, 9% of the total online consumption.

generally speaking, because these products are usually easy to expire, the price is low or demand is not fixed and so on, so it is not suitable for online shopping and electronic products. But surveys show that people’s attitudes are changing.

Nelson, the company conducted a survey covering 60 different countries survey last year showed that surveyed 1/4 people have ordered all kinds of grocery products on the Internet, and choose door-to-door service, and another 55% of people said that in the future there will do this.



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