Taobao travel group purchase online travel business bearish earnings early adopters seek resources

these days, Lijiang Dayan ancient town waterfront sunshine inn boss is very busy. At the end of this month, a large group purchase tourism activities in Lijiang will be on the line, in order to preheat, she added two front desk staff.

the network group purchase activity is Taobao travel into the new field, Taobao travel yesterday (May 23rd) announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement with the Lijiang Municipal People’s government, in 29 days this month Taobao and Juhuasuan travel platform line "million Amoy group in Lijiang". This is the first time Taobao travel into the group buying business, and the use of the need to set the reverse buy mode.

we buy in the general sense of the group to buy, not after we develop a product sales, but the reverse by the consumer to develop products, and then DIY combined purchase." Taobao travel director Yang Guang told the first financial daily reporters.

industry pointed out that Ctrip and elong attitude of group purchase opposite, the Taobao group purchase or make travel into the online travel market structure changes again, behind the seemingly low profitability of the group purchase is a businessman actually scramble for tourist and business cooperation resources.

reporter was informed that, due to the price war caused by difficulties in profits, since last year, a large number of closed down buy site.

"for us, the profit is not the most need to consider, Taobao launched the largest travel group purchase significance lies in the symmetry of information, such as the light in Lijiang has more than 2 thousand and 200 pubs, a lot of people do not know what specific, rely on travel team travel is not enough, we will the resources of information and network and published on our platform, consumers can get more information, the seller is also more sales channels and sales." Yang Guang said.

online travel business should enter the group purchase, has been a problem in the near future, eLong and Ctrip were released first quarter earnings, both the opposite to the group purchase business.

eLong CEO Cui Guangfu said elong buy a hotel in the first quarter of this year, the number of 25 million nights, the growth of the growth of the hotel elong hotel reservation growth in the future will increase the intensity of eLong buy. Despite seeing the domestic market as a result of difficult to buy and the overall trend of cold, but Cui Guangfu believes elong buy business to achieve profitability, the reason is in elong, the cost of the group can be effectively allocated.


is on the contrary, Ctrip CEO Fan Min, COO Sun Jie, interpretation of first quarter earnings made clear to consumers, so it is attractive to group purchase, Ctrip provides this service in order to adapt to the market. But the problem is that when buying companies to sell coupons, the use of the brand to buy a business, the hotel brand will not be strengthened. And the profit margin is very low. This is the last year to buy thousands of websites, but this year the reason for halving. Group buying is a complementary nature of the consumer channel, not the mainstream sales channels.

in the top two online travel providers to the contrary


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