Baidu has ah life platform quietly beta will continue coverage to the whole country


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Tencent Francisco October 8th message, after the end of September tense online, Baidu has ah life platform ( has been for beta, but the main face of merchants, merchants settled, and submit information to solve and improve the service experience and other issues, not in Baidu has ah platform open entrance.

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page screenshot, Baidu has ah life information platform includes six major types: marriage, mother, family services, education and training, sports health and leisure entertainment, Internet users are closely linked with the daily life, and provide coupons, group purchase, service, the future will further expand the functions.

According to informed sources, according to Tencent

revealed that Baidu is currently living platform only in the Beijing area on the line, after the completion of the work will continue to cover the country.

it is understood that Baidu has ah life promotion platform for businesses to provide a set of local life including the release of information, the effect of marketing, marketing value-added service life marketing solutions, is committed to guide users through the Baidu search behavior in life service information, precise docking merchants to promote marketing information, contribute to the potential customer deal.

during the Mid Autumn Festival this year, Baidu has a living platform after the smooth internal testing on-line. Baidu electronic commerce department general manager Cai Hu (micro-blog) foreign said, Baidu has ah life information platform is no longer like the traditional rely on e-commerce service fees as the main source of income, the new platform will use PPC (according to a valid telephone payment) and PPD (by day show paid) mode gain."

which, PPC mode, is the presence of businesses in the presence of a platform to display information, click free, only when the visitors call the merchant and then charge fees; and PPD model is in accordance with the number of days to pay the merchant.

Tencent science and technology learned that the current business presence and the presence of Baidu life information platform to submit information are not charged, but Baidu has a life information platform does not accept the application of personal or lack of qualifications. In order to celebrate the upcoming new platform on the line, ah, also launched the 1008 free experience activities, Beijing lifestyle businesses can get Mini official store and small free promotion costs. C

analysts pointed out that Taobao in the China C2C market has a dominant, and the formation of complex ecosystems, have to shake the Taobao in the field of C2C position is not possible, the introduction of life platform is a step difference competition with Taobao. Analysts also pointed out that Baidu has ah life information platform is actually a collection of Taobao + ".


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