Novice tutorials online shop five notes

1, good market analysis.

we all feel that we want to open an online store, it is difficult to find sources. What is not to consider is to open a shop, the results of the shop did not open less, almost no sales. And I walk this way.

we want to open an online store, the first to do some research online now, because we opened the online store, most of the customers on the Internet, so we must first take a look at what the online customer needs in the end, some of the major websites there are some huikuan, then we analyze trends, such as Taobao online there are many people is seeking computer parts, and men’s underwear no one wanted presents information on the internet. Of course we have to do so than computer parts.

2, to have the lowest price supply.

low price is the best way to attract customers. It is also a prerequisite for your benefit. What I call a low price is not what we think of as a low price. Is that we come up with the price of goods can get eBay, Taobao, compared with our price is more attractive. This requires us to find the lowest price. It is difficult to find. When you find the source of the negotiations, do not say how our website can bring you the benefits of publicity. Real regional agents don’t care. He only cares how much you can get from him.

3, to be very aware of their products in the store

this is often the cheapest we have a lot of common owners. If we don’t know how to introduce our products to customers. Persuade customers to buy your things. We have to be experts in the field no matter what we sell. This requires us to learn more about the field, with more advanced learning in the field. Customers have to wait until there is a desire to buy. We can come up with several sets of options for customers to choose, we also need to help customers analyze and compare.

4, good publicity is not necessary.

we have to shop online to make friends online. Good publicity. At least let people know what you are selling. When he had the desire to buy the first thought of you. I said that the online publicity is not to say that a forum on the post to say what I sell. But to make friends, try to attract the attention of others. Make good use of your signature. Because when you are concerned, your signature file has become the focus of attention.

5, consolidate your customers.

you should always realize that every transaction you do is not only to sell to a customer. You also sell the service to the people around you. Each transaction will bring you a certain amount of advertising benefits. Good advertising benefits, but also with your future transactions. The failure of the transaction also has a bad effect, so you must pay attention to network integrity.

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