Taobao rural help Shan villagers at home and abroad to exchange special purchases for the Spring Fes

(original title: "the Taobao" to help Shan villagers at home and abroad to exchange special purchases for the Spring Festival)

Hefei Xinhua (reporter Cai Min) in January 2, orders, orders, delivery, welcome…… Dabie Mountain in Anhui Province, Yuexi Taobao partner deep rural village of Dushan County, the home business of young Yang Kailin across the years before this period of time busy without touching the ground". He is responsible for the Taobao village service station into the city and transfer the villagers and even overseas exchange station special purchases for the Spring Festival business is booming.

Korea semi-finished seafood, Spain, Southeast Asia Griddle Cake tropical fruits, domestic brands of home appliances, clothing, high-grade tobacco and so on, Yang Kailin did not help, no computer purchases, online shopping will not receive cable villagers of a large number of domestic and overseas high quality products. An average of more than and 10 days to purchase a single product, before and after the new year, the villagers shopping enthusiasm rose." Yang Kailin said.

more than and 30 year old Xu Peng came back from the city to work, to prepare special special purchases for the Spring Festival caring for the elderly. He with the help of Yang Kailin, the Taobao bought a number of rural imported seafood and fruit. Delivery the goods directly sent to the village business service station, then Yang Kailin sent home by the door. "Particularly convenient, we farmers can not taste the new year’s home abroad, and the price is affordable!" said Xu Peng.

Yuexi county is the national key counties for poverty alleviation and development, and remote Dushan village, more than and 300 villagers, the annual per capita net income of only $4500, less than half of the national average.

May 2015, the Alibaba group and Yuexi county government signed a strategic cooperation agreement to jointly build "covering the county, township and village" three-in-one rural electricity supplier, logistics and distribution network, synchronization in city life at the same time, open up the upstream agricultural products channel, solve agricultural products trading problems.

so Yang Kailin, another important task is to put the village pollution-free pollution-free agricultural products are sold through a network of mountains, let the people of the city. The rural villagers also help special purchases for the Spring Festival, increase income.

"black pork, egg, tea, soil, Gastrodia elata honey, Fuling and so on, these villagers own self-produced peasant products recently sold very well, my" Heshan village "agricultural products Taobao shop every day orders than usual doubled, products are mainly sold to Shanghai, Wuhan, Hefei and other places." Yang Kailin introduction.

Yang Kailin every morning in the village service station business to help the villagers buy some goods, almost all the afternoon in the village visits, guidance, organization and production of goods.

he said that light black pork last two weeks in the village to sell more than ten head, and some city people to transport some cold fresh meat, the other to pay the processing fee, bacon, sausage etc.. "We sell black pigs are fed every household, do not eat feed, ten months before slaughter, the number of fresh meat sold 38 yuan per kilogram, bacon, sausage 68 yuan per kilogram, the price of meat than the average high, but the market response is very good, basic demand."


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