Amazon home service orders rose 20% monthly growth

sina science and technology news Beijing time on March 30th evening news, Amazon today announced that since last year launched the family service market Home Services since the average monthly increase of 20% consumer orders.

The Home Services

Amazon launched a year ago, the service to the consumer and the electrician, plumber and painter together, to every piece of goods for sale website to provide supporting services, which challenge to Yelp, Angie’s List and TaskRabbit and other local service providers.

then, Home Services allows consumers to purchase about 700 kinds of services, including car repair, TV installation and home cleaning, etc., but consumers need to pay in advance. Quality of service will be guaranteed by Amazon, Amazon has also been on its website to provide security services to third party sellers.

industry insiders believe that the Amazon to enter the local service market reasonable. Currently, third party sales have accounted for about 40% of Amazon’s sales, while Home Services services will further expand the role of Amazon as a middleman in the middle of the third party vendors. In addition, the service will also help Amazon in the United States to gain advantage in the fast-growing service market.

Amazon has said that about 85 million of Amazon buyers are required to provide construction or installation services. Currently, Amazon has launched Home services services in 30 major cities in the United states. Amazon said that the market demand for the service is very strong, especially in New York, Losangeles and Washington dc.

Amazon Home Services business model is to share part of the cost of labor services, including 5% of the transaction fee charged, the cost of the customer relationship and the cost of 15% of the standardized customized services, and other expenses, such as the cost of. (Li Ming)


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