Taobao mall was Ou is the opportunity to QQ online shopping

2011, October 11th, in the revolution of 1911 100 old days, Tencent super business platform "QQ online shopping" officially launched, Taobao mall is also the night being small sellers crazy Internet group".

I have always believed that the war between the Department of Ali and the Department of Tencent around the electricity supplier in the second half of 2011 will be started, I did not expect is the war between Taobao mall and small sellers have started in advance.

impression, small sellers because of dissatisfaction with the rules of Taobao and take online or offline approach to dry, is not the first time.

2006, Taobao launched the "three free felicitous wish of making money, after all, the money. The result is used to free the seller collective defection group, shouting, ultimately Ma chose the network "referendum", "decided the fate of the felicitous wish of making money" "felicitous wish of making money" helpless stranded.

July 2010, Taobao because of the adjustment of search rules, encounter sellers boycott, even in September, caused by the seller "siege" headquarters in Hangzhou, and at that time, Ma issued an internal e-mail, open to employees responded: "we would rather turn off their own company, will not give up their principles".

in 2011 for the new Taobao mall policy group siege, Ma Yun more emboldened hard: "there are moments in life, we need the courage to choose. These choices not only inconsistent with common sense, contrary to reason, even offend deviant friends. Even so, we may still persist in wilfully and arbitrarily "


from 2006 to 2010 with respect to sellers, do not give up their principles, to 2011, Taobao (Ma Yun persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, Taobao mall,, Amoy network) core brand proposition and core value of the company has been more and more deviated from the "let the world is not difficult to do business" concept. Ma Yun and Taobao were increasingly snobbish and only big sellers to small sellers played the historical task of "" perhaps in Ma Yun and Taobao, has been gradually completed, xiemoshalv will follow.

in fact, in recent days, not only is the Taobao mall encountered resistance, a scouring network in the important district of Beijing, Hangzhou and other places of Shanghai, a huge advertising behavior by landing mall collective boycott, promotion plan aborted.

"let the world is not difficult to do business should not be a slogan, Taobao undoubtedly has a monopoly in China business market, small sellers often for Taobao network group, siege phenomenon and behaviors, the essence is helpless for, is to make news, with the help of media momentum, game and Taobao, in order to increase their bargaining power in the rules of the game.

remember, a concept is Ali and Taobao is loved and admired: "Internet – users – network business model evolution Ma Ma has been put forward, even.


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