Driving force to accelerate the transformation of the relationship between the ecological forces

With the advent of the music as the

era of the advent of the Internet Ecosystem, it is a difficult to measure the strength of the subversion of the traditional industrial era business model and channel relationships. Subsequently, the wine industry channel relationship is to undergo a baptism, to network network led by ecological wine enterprises are in vertical and transverse vertical industry chain through cross-border expansion of the "ecological", accelerate the collapse of the previous traditional distribution system.

day before, "the creation of ecological network network, to win the future" under the curtain, the global ecological partner meeting falls in Beijing as the name suggests, the dealer cooperation mode is different from the traditional network network, then to put up a pageantry equity incentive, open resource etc. will be "partners" scheme to clear the front desk, table to subvert the wine industry first ecological electricity supplier the first will be launched again in the circle of wine business model of the revolution. After this session of the general assembly is the last "fusion" first partner mode, another breakthrough upgrade network network partner mode.

mode on-line save traditional distribution partner "


it is understood that the ecological Partner Conference, including a number of initiatives to upgrade the partner equity incentive, ecological resources open to American wine brand policy, ecological partner sharing, ecological plan, POP platform officially broke, open sharing, network network put forward new ecological value win-win partnership model. It is understood that after the upgrade of the ecological partner model through the open mode of product, capital, resources, comprehensive, strengthen cooperation in the upstream and downstream industry chain, the upstream manufacturers and downstream brands to meet the needs of different partners, to build the ecological value of the wine industry’s first real sense of sharing platform.

in recent years, the strong impact of the Internet business, the wine industry development pattern of traditional distribution channels can be described as a "dead end", a few degrees of transformation into difficult predicament. However, most of them are in the pursuit of the process of transformation is still hard to get rid of the traditional distribution model led to declining "Yingshang": first, the wine industry in the traditional distribution relationship, between upstream and downstream intermediaries, there are serious "information asymmetry" information in the industrial chain between the upstream and downstream quality with the transfer efficiency in layers of loss is greatly reduced; secondly, between the traditional dealer and the manufacturers, brokers trading relationship did not occur on the nature of the changes, the maximum on the basis of interest is Arabian Nights.


in the ecological network network to subvert the traditional mode of distribution partner meeting: first of all, based on the global supply chain to build the ecological quality of the POP platform, at the same time, the upstream and downstream industry chain to enter, the industry chain parties to become equal "participants" from the essence of subverting the traditional business relationship; then through equity incentives. The policy will gradually upgrade to business partners capital partners, to upgrade the level of profitability of the brand operation stack from a single product profit model by American wine brand ecological partner policy allows downstream partners to redefine the relationship with the profit pattern of ecological partner; in the new ecological partner system, the role of network network is no longer a single wine the flow of business, rather than a vertical open up.


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