Community O2O, set up the stage singing and have their own small abacus

always said those packaged into their own community O2O platform Internet project does not have a future, but this is not absolute, if properly done, and catch up with the boom market into the outbreak, the Internet community pure O2O platform also can have a place to live in. Because some people can only do things under the line, they need to have a platform for cooperation on the line, this is an opportunity.

remember the "bump" before O2 "community agency O2O market is fair, the Internet platform mentioned in the analysis as long as the heart has the opportunity to" in the project can reduce this thing for ordinary people in community O2O start-up costs? Then linked to a "do not be envious of others first community financing, O2O the task is self-sufficient" said to O2O when the business community to do, there will be a lot of small community views of the O2O project in the country, in fact, that there is a meeting point between the two. The line items tend to service executive level (this analogy for singing), online projects focus on technical aspects of software (analogous to set up the stage, here) online and offline (the stage) (singing) between the collision can be a lot of spark.

At the beginning of the

O2O community development, the Internet was born people want to build a community of Internet APP means of O2O platform, the market there are many similar products, but today the dead closed, the rest are also to get financing after adhere to today, but the overall situation is not very good, all in thinking about the next step how to walk. Before, some stage to the products sold to the property, but the property of things too stingy to pull out a hair of these charges can not interested, then similar products are simply too much competition to grab free to use the property, the result is not too optimistic, only those who have the funds to subsidize products is a little activity, but users are directed to the prize.

set up the stage very distressed, hard to set up the background, the results did not want to see the audience, then, to the audience must have singing, but singing this live their own is not good, then we have to find some from outside the theater can cooperate in singing. Before some APP products around the recruit agents when the franchise fee is not cheap, but now it is at a very low price for all agents, and agents if the product details function modify views, can adjust. APP vendors so low profile for the purpose of giving agents to provide more in line with the needs of the software in the local conditions, agents do, it means that the success of the APP platform itself, and the purpose is to recruit agents of low-cost rapid expansion.

on the other hand, a lot of non line internet born but "singing" the skill of the people had no table can debut, take the table cost too high, after all, a lot of community O2O The loss outweighs the gain., are all small projects, the development of a APP less than 20~30W alone, millions, they are not bear since this is not the cost of operation and maintenance of the late. Most singing just want to quietly play their singing skill, do the next line and Business >


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