Electricity supplier festival you into the pit it


dual eleven – just after coming, maybe a lot of people double eleven of the goods received, and eager, eager for a fight in. In fact, the adjective used here is not appropriate to describe the electricity supplier is more reasonable, because buyers have been hurt is always out of pocket.

is a pair of double eleven singles, twelve what is it? Some people say Taobao’s birthday, so Taobao think in this day to repay you. The reason is a little when you think about it is not reasonable, the first twelve, is Taobao’s birthday, why Jingdong, Dangdang have? Do they have birthday? Second, taobao.com was founded in May 10, 2003, the Group invested by Alibaba. So twelve is not what Taobao’s birthday is just a business to promote consumption, get more profit than a gimmick.

for the festival to create a variety of gimmicks crazy attack


and Taobao market hit 19 billion 100 million results in the "double 11", for they have a ready to twelve. In order to let consumers excited, Taobao is telling stories. Prior to China’s e-commerce innovation and development forum, Tmall CEO Xiaoyao told reporters in an interview with this reporter has said that 11 of the focus is on the number of double value is the story of the 12. Taobao’s story is "discount", which is "price driven" Taobao users attractive.

and Taobao’s old rival Jingdong mall will be "shuangshier" named Guan Airi, a member of "flagship service brand, known as" white beauty ", that is the price of cabbage, service upgrades, beauty delivery etc..


played the "public" brand, "shuangshier" launched 20 days of "love" activities, specifically including each forwarded 1 times micro-blog donated 1 yuan, 0 yuan 1 of every sale purchase of goods donated 1 yuan.

Festival get together, you still tired?

from "618" to "815", from the "double eleven" to "Juhuasuan 123" to tomorrow’s "shuangshier", we can see that the time promotions are mostly concentrated in the second half of the year, especially in November and December is particularly fierce, really want to spend at the end of the world before the the buyer’s money? Too frequent electricity supplier price war has been so many buyers have promotion fatigue, on the premise of electricity providers have adopted a "non general promotion", its purpose is to make the eye, to the greatest extent to stimulate consumer buying enthusiasm. But in this flood, few people have the passion and.

want to buy it, please "I" good attitude a little

"shuangshier" is approaching, all kinds of questions about online electricity supplier price war sound more and more. In addition to worry about the first price hikes, business courier warehouse explosion late service can not keep up, whether the goods will be oversold old problems, there are also many users feel clear that electricity supplier "shuangshier" promotional activities.


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