Traditional business opportunities ignored

Liaoning to Jinzhou

during the national day, originally thought that the four line is not affected by the city people in pursuit of travel time should be able to play, did not expect to arrive in the seaside hotel was all booked, but returned to city, found from the Sheraton JinJiang Inn, more than and 30 City Hotel are all full of inquiries the bath center, Mancheng even lobby no vacancy, finally only then drove 100 kilometers to neighboring Chaoyang City to find the hotel.

if only from the perspective of the number of the level of economic development and the population of the city of Jinzhou, both for retail and commercial real estate, in the current situation of market downturn, into large enterprises are difficult to notice. But the reality is that the physical business in this city has been overlooked many opportunities.

in Jinzhou is famous attractions pen the driving mountain as an example, although the area surrounding buildings, the market economy, the resident population of more than 100 thousand, the annual reception of tourists to reach as high as about 3000000, but the lack of the most basic commercial facilities, well-known brand chain business almost entirely absent, which also led to this area does not keep tourists most of the tourists, is half a day left here, just as a passing attraction. Deputy Secretary of working committee China community business long Du Hong with this area is the business community treasure. Chain restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, entertainment and other activities, all this can quickly air plant. And if these well-known businesses in this cluster, it can effectively cut off tourists, not only can bring their own performance, but also to contribute to the development of local tourism economy. Moreover, the annual exposure rate of about 3000000 people across the country, the brand awareness of the chain itself is also very valuable publicity and promotion.

of course, in seasonal consumption and short season is too distinct tourist city, especially commercial spots, seemingly greater risk, how to maintain the performance and operation in the off-season is a problem. This concern is not without reason, however, can be effectively resolved through various combinations. Beacon Hill is still an example, many commercial real estate developers are willing to lower the rent in the off-season, and even to the early stage of the exemption from the rent 1-3. In addition, the population is attracted to the community resident. Also, there are about 100000 of the resident population, has basically enough to support the hotel, supermarkets, entertainment and other community business survival.

, however, had to be pointed out that hinder the chain brand into concerns may not be in the passenger flow and passenger flow, nor in the presence of bear the cost of capital will be higher, but more likely is that the matching degree of the supply chain, if not in a city has many branches, similar to the super city, catering, entertainment and other formats whether from, distribution, or management, there are a lot of problems to be solved. However, once these businesses can "group" settled, not only can negotiate better terms with the developers, and can form a cluster effect, together to create a tourist district, in addition to the service of local consumers, but also the visitors section >


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