The implementation of Chinese foreign host service based on the market long-term development

in the domestic record increasingly complex of the environment, many on-line sites have chosen to emigrate, which virtually gave off the host provides a good opportunity to Chinese market. Although the foreign host free for the record this feature by domestic owners favor, but after all, by the various networks, regional and language restrictions, foreign host to Chinese has made considerable development also need to make adequate preparations.

in the development of host varieties, the introduction of a more detailed program of the host, the optimization of the service is clearly the main foreign host to expand the Chinese market to make preparations. In fact, because many domestic webmaster knowledge level is not high, the English is more difficult to control, and the choice of purchasing risk is large, therefore, the comprehensive comparison, as long as the website is not in a hurry to on-line, or choose the domestic webmaster. But if the foreign host considering the communication obstacles of the domestic webmaster, launched Chinese station, Chinese Alipay customer service and other services, let the webmaster no longer because of the language and the foreign host missed, so with mature technology and low price it is easier to conquer customers in china.

and foreign hosts independent IP distinct advantages, as long as the merchant free of charge independent IP, then the customer site can not only save costs and higher security. If you want to have a high speed access to the domestic experience of the site, select the virtual host near the Chinese mainland computer room. Of course, in the China market foreign host more webmaster may be difficult to make a choice, however, from the perspective of visibility and reputation, the host is the first choice, domestic webmaster to it praise, such as the emerging American host LunarPages, it entered the Chinese market although the time is not long, but very popular for domestic users in Chinese, market sales is constantly breaking the limit.

and China to promote market development, it also completed the optimization of Chinese service, now it is at the same time have Chinese customer service, Chinese station and Alipay service hosts the United States, with its headquarters located in California, has four data centers in the United States, on the line of geographical Chinese are optimized webmaster use the fluent host access at home, if it is to do foreign trade station, as well as DDOS hardware protection, use the coupon code China30 in order to obtain 30% permanent concessions and permanent IP free gift, high security. LunarPages host is known for high stability in the city, the station is rare.


can record high quality foreign host, host is various, but driven by the interests, there are still a lot of poor host to penetrate them, therefore, the webmaster want to buy foreign host must keep their eyes open, to prevent fraud, or choose a higher degree of market acceptance of the host is better, like IXWebHosting, HostEase and WebHostingPad are also provided Chinese host station and host Chinese customer service, price, services are also non – >


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